UPG = Unverified personal gnosis

Many pagans have their own UPG. For me it is a complicated thing. Our Gods may show themselves to us all in different ways, so it is possible to find conflicting thoughts. Does this mean some are right and some wrong? No. It means each one is right in its own context. You will have to search to see which ones ring true with how your Gods speak to you.

It is the same as with all things. Stop and listen to your inner voice. Does it feel like it fits with what you believe? Don’t follow blindly. Always check in with yourself. Remember, everything has a season. Something that may work now may not work later.


Bast has been with me for a long time. I only vaguely remember when I had a name to place with her. I think I was sitting in a friends living room back in high school and she mentioned that since I had a thing for cats maybe I should check out Bast.  Suddenly I had statues and pictures and all sorts of things appear in my life.

The Lady often nudges me with little comments in the back of my mind. Little signs appear here and there as well.

I don’t do daily offerings. I am of the mindset that a sometimes treat is sweeter then something you have daily. I also find that by doing offerings when I feel called has more meaning to me. It becomes something special. When the mood strikes and I feel called to stand at the altar these are the things I offer up to Her.

  • Cinnamon scented things
  • Jasmine scented things
  • Dance & Music: By this I mean I will dance for her or play music for her.

The Horned One

Another one who has been with me for a long time. The stag in the forest, the dancing God, the hunter. He has many aspects. I know many see him as a “Generic” Wiccan God, but he has a personality to me. A bearded man who moves through the woods, in meditations and dreams he will dance with me. When I see an image of a path in the woods I am reminded of him.

Offerings I make to Him on occasion:

  • Apples and nuts left under trees
  • Alcohol in shot glasses
  • Dance


She is new in my life and I am still getting a feel for her. Mostly I see her in meditations and on the Astral. Her cats play well with my Lady Bast’s and they seem fine with sharing me.

For Freyja I make offerings of:

  • Dance
  • Alcohol in shot glasses


For all of them I will also share my pleasure in a variety of things. I invite them to share in the joy I am experiencing and have fun in their name.

For example: I will wear jangly bracelets to remind me of dancing and making beautiful noise. This reminds me of the Ladies and by thinking of them I give honour and energy to them.

I do pray often. I tend to pray multiple times throughout the day. When I’m on the bus, in the car, sitting at my desk, in bed wherever. I turn my thoughts inwards and pray. I do it all silently. I don’t pray for just help, I pray to give thanks for things, to discuss thoughts and just to have a connection.


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