Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner. Check out my patreon site for a ritual to use or modify in your celebrations.

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We spent the weekend making cookies, making paneer, and going to an Easter egg hunt. It was a fun weekend and the tween told me before she left what a great time it was. Winter is hard with being trapped in the house all the time. It was good to get out and do stuff.

I made some felt easter eggs and we’re going to use them in a Spring/Easter egg hunt this weekend with the little man and a few of his friends. We also filled plastic eggs with stickers for them to find. Stickers are very exciting these days to the almost 2 year old.

I already have the Easter baskets made up for the kids on Easter, and since we’re doing an egg hunt this weekend I am not going to do a gift or anything for the Equinox. I think we’ll do Easter baskets on Easter and we’ll make cookies and do a fun event for the Equinox.

Bright Blessing! May you have a joyous Spring Equinox!


Money Magick

Sometimes life is tough. This world runs on money and there are times when that is in short supply. I know we are more blessed then some. We both have full-time jobs, and while my husband’s job isn’t great, I at least make a decent amount and have wonderful health insurance. Not everyone is that lucky.

Still, we live paycheque to paycheque. I have student loans in Canada to still pay, and while some say “But you don’t live there anymore, why do you care?” I care because it is my debt and because the person who is a co-signer on that loan still lives there. It would really screw them up if I suddenly stopped paying it.  So every month we scrimp together some cash to pay that bill along with all the other bills.

Daycare and diapers adds up. We have other debts out there that we are still trying to figure out how to pay. Yet, when I start to really feel like things are going to be terrible the Goddess gives me a little hope. Someone will buy another tarot reading. Someone will purchase a custom. All the money I make in my store I use towards my Canadian bill. That means we have a bit more cash here for something else.

The kindness of others also goes a long way. When I had to rush home to see my family because of a medical issue I was super stressed. I asked for guidance and the Goddess and God helped me find a super cheap flight. Then, out of the blue I was gifted a cheque in the amount of my flight. People around me care. They see the struggle and did what they could to help. I was told it was in appreciation of all I do for them all. Community is a thing of beauty. It doesn’t matter what faith you are, compassion is a language everyone knows. I won’t lie, they made me cry.

Prayers are wonderful, when community can help it is great,  but sometimes we need to do a little extra work ourselves.

On that note I thought I would share a bit of magick…

If you have time to let a spell slowly build, then I always start any magick on the Dark Moon. As the moon grows to full, the spell builds up. Then by the Full Moon it has usually come to fruition.

I add cinnamon to my spells to give it a little extra kick. Cinnamon is also seen as a spice that brings in money so that also helps.

When I see a coin on the sidewalk I pick it up. This is a tiny gift from the universe, accept it. Every bit can help.

Create a spell trigger. Make up a mantra, phrase or something else that will remind you of your spell. Then write it out and put it somewhere you will see it. Or create a phrase you can use as a password and change that so every time you type it in you are putting more energy out there. Set alarms and when they go off, repeat your mantra or think about the spell.

Use your daily journal as another way to add energy. Write out your goals, write your mantra, and visualize the success of your spell as you do this.

Remember to take a moment. Thank the Gods for what they have helped provide to you. Think about the blessings you have. Sometimes we get so lost in what we need we forget to pause and enjoy what we have.

Best of luck! I’d love to hear any little things you do to try to bring in money magick!

Equinox recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As I noted before I knew we were going to have a quiet one. WI is having a heat wave so I only left the house if it was necessary.

Once I got home from work on Friday I did a bit of decorating and then once the baby was in bed I went down to my temple space and celebrated. I kept it simple, I wrote out things I was grateful for, put out offerings, and did a bit of tarot work.

Blessings of the Equinox. I hope you all had a beautiful and magickal day. 🍁🔮🍂

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Saturday morning the little dude and I were off to a play date and then home again before it got super hot and humid out. I felt bad that we couldn’t be outside, but we had a lot of fun playing. In the afternoon I started making the soup that would be our Equinox meal. I could have done it for Friday, but I was so tired from the heat and work that I decided to wait. The soup was actually much easier to make then I thought it would be and was delicious.

I managed to make another stuffie for the shop and finished up 2 I had been working on. You will see them all soon! Check out my instagram feed for sneak peeks.

We snuck outside in the morning on Sunday before it got too hot and played in the yard. Our giant sunflowers are making seeds! We can’t wait to harvest them all. We had so much fun growing them this year. Next year we may do more. Hopefully once the weather cools down we’ll get out to the garden to do some work. It is in need of some weeding and I have to start to prep for the winter.

What sort of fun did you have this weekend?

Mabon Prep

September arrived with some cool winds and grey skies. This has kicked me into fall gear and I am looking at the calendar. Mabon is one of those holidays that sometimes gets missed or glossed over as we rush towards Samhain. This year I am going to try and make sure I can carve out some time to enjoy the holiday.

Yellow leaves on a tree

My husband is having a surgery around then so I know our weekend will have to be low key and about comfort.  Mabon is very much a thanksgiving, comfy, family vibe to me, so that works.  In past years we have enjoyed a delicious crock pot sweet potato and apple soup, so that has become my Mabon dinner. I’ve found some new recipes to try and I am thinking a fancy grilled cheese will pair nicely with the soup. Grilled cheese is an ultimate feel good food.

For dessert I will do a spiced apple cookie. I don’t want to bring out the pumpkins yet, those are for Samhain, but an apple and cinnamon cookie would be delicious.

I’ve created a Mabon board on Pinterest with some recipes and some activities for the family. If you are looking for some inspiration, click to see what I have pinned.

Every fall we try to get out to pick apples, but we will probably wait until October for that. I will try to do some cute fall crafts with my little dude, and then once he is settled in for the night I will head down to my temple space to do my ritual.


Do you celebrate with your family? What sorts of things do you do to honour the changing season?



Full moon dreams

As a new mom there isn’t a lot of sleep in my world. I suppose I am luckier than others, my son will sleep for large chunks, but it took us a year to get there. As someone who is an active dreamer, it has been very strange to have no dreams for a year.

The past few months they have been coming back. First, they came back with the stress dreams and nightmares that I think all new moms have. Now I am starting to have my normal strange dreams, the magic dreams and the silly dreams. Full moon through the leaves

Last night was magic. In my dream….. 

I walked out of a forest path to find myself on a sandy beach in a cove. The moon was shining high in the sky and it was all quiet. In the shallows I could see symbols stamped into the sand. I stood there and stretched my arms high above my head and soaked in the moonlight.

A noise brought my eyes to the shore across the cove where a baby bear came wandering out. Shortly after that, mama bear came out to stand on the beach. I stood there watching them and then reached for my phone to snap a photograph. As I zoomed in on the baby bear, a young wolf cub came out of the forest and began to play with the bear cub. At that point my dream brain thought “Hmm, maybe I should leave so that the mama animals don’t get angry with me.” That woke me enough that the dream shifted and I lost the sense of magic and instead had the sense of anxiety of getting away from the wild animals.

Both bear and wolf have meaning to me so I will meditate on the messages from them. I also remember the symbols I saw and will add that into the mix to see what the Goddess was sending me. I am dealing with a lot of change in my life, I know my stress and anxiety have been starting to climb, so it was really refreshing to have such a calm and meaningful dream.

I had tried to do a little spiritual work before bed, but I was so worn thin. The Goddess whispered in my ear “Go rest now” and I am glad I listened. The dream stayed with me and I can still feel the sense of relaxation. Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you like that? That was so calm and so perfectly normal, yet magickal?

I hope everyone had a magickal full moon and that you got what you needed from it.





Blessed Lughnasadh

Blessings of the harvest! The Wheel turns onwards. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are already in August. It seems like summer just started and here I am prepping for the fall.


Our mini sunflowers came in and are now decaying. We are waiting to see if we get any seeds to harvest. Our giant ones are still growing, currently they are about 5 feet tall and the flowers are starting to be created. We are very excited.

Sadly, the huge storm system killed our pepper plants. The pots were overflowing one night and we think the plants did not enjoy that much water.  My husband was able to harvest a large bowl of jalapenos, but I don’t think the last few on it will make it. We’ll see.

Pepper plant in a pot

We were busy last night so I didn’t take any time in my temple space. We did play in the yard and garden a bit, so at least we took a moment to appreciate nature. I was talking with a friend about how hard it is to find the balance to do your spiritual practices with a little person. We have to learn to make magick in different ways. So we had cuddles, giggles and a baby running around the yard. That is a special magick that I will cherish while I have it. Too soon the baby will be too cool for hanging with mom. We get so wrapped up in the idea that holidays are about rituals and tarot and specific things. Sometimes celebrating means hugs and watching dragonflies flit about your yard.

I’ve been journaling every day through Sora’s 21 day challenge and am going to continue with it. I used to journal all the time, but fell out of the practice. I have found it a nice addition to my morning routine.

I completed another custom and have been selling a few tarot readings. If you are interested in either head on over to the shop to check out the listings. The shop will be closing for a week or two in August as I will be away.

I hope that your celebration was fun filled, whatever you were able to do. Bright Blessings as we head towards Fall!

Sunflower decaying in a pot