Blessed Solstice

I hope you all had a meaningful celebration. I spent time doing more work, burning spell candles and praying. May all our work keep building up power and may we make change.  Blessed Be


No Shame

Some time ago one of the many witchy entrepreneurs I follow was offering up a free one on one session to get tips on your business. On a whim I sent in my application thinking it would be great to get some more tips on how to boost my etsy shop and blog etc. I... Continue Reading →

Ritual for the children

Last night we did a ritual to send out energy for the children and families who have been torn apart. You can find my notes on the ritual in a public post on my patreon site. Click here to find the post. I hope it helps. I hope that all the prayers and energy and... Continue Reading →

Weekend fun

We had a quick and relaxing weekend away to the in-laws. The little dude got to have one on one time with Nana and Papa and we got to go out and have 2 small "dates". It was nice, and hopefully we'll get to do it again sometime. Often when we go to Nana's house... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner. Check out my patreon site for a ritual to use or modify in your celebrations. Free post - Spring Equinox Ritual We spent the weekend making cookies, making paneer, and going to an Easter egg hunt. It was a fun weekend and the tween told me before she... Continue Reading →

Money Magick

Sometimes life is tough. This world runs on money and there are times when that is in short supply. I know we are more blessed then some. We both have full-time jobs, and while my husband's job isn't great, I at least make a decent amount and have wonderful health insurance. Not everyone is that... Continue Reading →

Equinox recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As I noted before I knew we were going to have a quiet one. WI is having a heat wave so I only left the house if it was necessary. Once I got home from work on Friday I did a bit of decorating and then once... Continue Reading →

Mabon Prep

September arrived with some cool winds and grey skies. This has kicked me into fall gear and I am looking at the calendar. Mabon is one of those holidays that sometimes gets missed or glossed over as we rush towards Samhain. This year I am going to try and make sure I can carve out... Continue Reading →

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