No Shame

Some time ago one of the many witchy entrepreneurs I follow was offering up a free one on one session to get tips on your business. On a whim I sent in my application thinking it would be great to get some more tips on how to boost my etsy shop and blog etc. I... Continue Reading →


Ritual for the children

Last night we did a ritual to send out energy for the children and families who have been torn apart. You can find my notes on the ritual in a public post on my patreon site. Click here to find the post. I hope it helps. I hope that all the prayers and energy and... Continue Reading →

Beltane recap

It has been a long week. The little dude and I both had a stomach bug for the first half of the week. That was the suck. It meant we had to miss seeing the tween's performance, which was sad, but I will hopefully get to hear all about it from her this weekend. Last... Continue Reading →

Bubbler Tarot Deck

Some of you may remember that last year I was submitting art to a tarot show. Well the show did so well they had enough art to create 2 tarot decks! I forgot about it until a friend was asking about it. Well it appears you can order the decks. So here is the link,... Continue Reading →

Patreon posts

I've been writing over at my patreon account. You can click follow on my profile to have my posts sent to you or show up in your patreon dashboard if you wish. I have been writing a mix of free posts as well as paid ones. I have three pledge tiers if you are interested... Continue Reading →

Coming soon – Patreon

I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain! A few days after the holiday my son and I got sick. I've been lounging on the couch wondering if I will ever feel human again. Yesterday I felt like I had energy again so I assume we are almost through it. Fingers crossed. This downtime let... Continue Reading →

Fiction Friday!

Is this a thing? Like throwback thursday? Do we have a fiction friday? If not, then why not? There are so many stories out there waiting to be told. Several years ago I wrote stories. When I started out they were pretty terrible, but over the years my writing style grew. It still needs work,... Continue Reading →

Samhain prep

Samhain is just around the corner. I feel a bit unprepared. October is always a month where I go inwards, but this month it feels like there has been more reflection than usual.┬áMy boss has asked if I am ok and I explained I am really deep this month. Part of that is probably the... Continue Reading →

Money Magick

Sometimes life is tough. This world runs on money and there are times when that is in short supply. I know we are more blessed then some. We both have full-time jobs, and while my husband's job isn't great, I at least make a decent amount and have wonderful health insurance. Not everyone is that... Continue Reading →

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