Equinox recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As I noted before I knew we were going to have a quiet one. WI is having a heat wave so I only left the house if it was necessary. Once I got home from work on Friday I did a bit of decorating and then once... Continue Reading →


Mabon Prep

September arrived with some cool winds and grey skies. This has kicked me into fall gear and I am looking at the calendar. Mabon is one of those holidays that sometimes gets missed or glossed over as we rush towards Samhain. This year I am going to try and make sure I can carve out... Continue Reading →

Blessed Lughnasadh

Blessings of the harvest! The Wheel turns onwards. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are already in August. It seems like summer just started and here I am prepping for the fall. Our mini sunflowers came in and are now decaying. We are waiting to see if... Continue Reading →

Grateful for little things…

Halloween was full of trick or treating and watching the kids trade candy and barter for their fave kinds. The wee one loved her costume and had a lot of fun with her friends. I managed to walk all over and didn't get tired out. The wee one was kind enough to keep me supplied... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain to those in the Northern part of the world, and Blessed Beltane to those in the South! I dressed up at work and brought in my meditation cards. The office staff was happy to pick a card and then we shared ghost stories and things all day. It was a nice... Continue Reading →

Sacredness: Fall

We went on a mini vacation a few weeks ago. It was lovely to be out in nature and to see the season in full swing. It was so quiet. I caught up on several of my craft projects and the hubby and I had a great time laughing and snuggling.

Bees, nature and our world

It got cold here this weekend. Too cold to go do the apple picking we had planned. So instead we did some shopping, the wee one and I picking out a bday gift for the hubby, and we all picked up craft supplies to make cards. At home we made our dinner from scratch. We... Continue Reading →

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