Bubbler Tarot Deck

Some of you may remember that last year I was submitting art to a tarot show. Well the show did so well they had enough art to create 2 tarot decks! I forgot about it until a friend was asking about it. Well it appears you can order the decks. So here is the link,... Continue Reading →


Fallow Times and the New Moon

Fallow times can be a strange time. Every so often Bast will step back from my life and there will be a stillness in my practice. There is always the initial "Oh crap!" and panic when I feel the disconnect, but then I settle in and know that there is a reason. Usually she moves... Continue Reading →

What’s in the cards?

  Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms! -Little John, Robin Hood 1973 Once upon a time I used to do a constant stream of tarot work. When we were “baby witches” in our teen years tarot work was the coolest. Every circle, every sabbat, every question… a deck was pulled out and we read as a group... Continue Reading →

Shop update and Tarot show

First up! The shop has been updated. I managed to poke the technology and now my quote art is up. Please check it out! Each listing gives you 2 versions of the same image, one in cooler tones and one in warmer tones. In other news, if you are in the Madison area, the Public... Continue Reading →

Growing and working

Work on building my tradition is going well. We're getting together in a few weeks to go over the things I have written and to do some brainstorming. I'm excited about the changes we are making and the direction we are starting to head in. It is good to feel creative. I'm dusting off things... Continue Reading →

Strength (Aug Photo Challenge)

28. Strength. It isn't always about muscles, endurance, or solid walls. Sometimes strength is about being soft. Knowing when to be vulnerable. Knowing which battles to fight and which to walk away from. Sometimes strength is about sticking with something, digging in your heels and holding on, and sometimes it is about knowing when to... Continue Reading →

Divination (Aug Photo Challenge)

26. Divination. There are many forms of divination. I like to use different ones to see what message I get. Often there will be a common theme. It is also is a good way to shake myself up when I've been using one deck or type for some time. Find the prompts here.

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