Vacation life

We had a mini vacation last week. It was our week with the tween and it worked out perfectly that my in-laws were hosting an event while we had her. This did mean a lot of car time, but we got through it. My step-daughter doesn’t get a lot of time with my husband’s side of the family which is really sad, so we try hard to find times to go see them. Anytime we have to work out these trips I think about how lucky I was that my mom didn’t try to keep us from seeing the other side of the family and did what she could to make sure they got time with us. We were pretty blessed that our whole family was willing to travel and make time when they could.

The trip up there went smoothly. The little man slept for part of it and was in an ok mood for the rest. The ride home did not go as smoothly;  he wasn’t feeling well and his teeth were bugging him. I spent a lot of time in the back trying to keep him occupied. It was a long 3 hours.


Little dude howling at the puppy

I spent most of the party watching the little dude interact with everyone. It’s funny how confident kids are. I wonder if he will keep that confidence as he gets older. Our visit went well, the kids all seemed to have fun together. The tween gets a little over controlling of her brother and cousins, but I understand that. I was the same way at that age. Controlling the little people around you is a safe outlet for feeling like you have some control in your life. We just gently remind her everything is ok when she gets a bit overbearing and life carries on.

We had a couple of good discussions with her about things going on in her life and she asked me to teach her how to do hand sewing and embroidery. I found a few patterns I think she could use as learning projects and then we spent some time sewing. I told her if she enjoys it and sticks with it I would get another pattern for her. She is pretty excited about that so we’ll see how it goes. She did ask to work on it a few times, which is a good sign.  Hand sewing is a good skill to have. You can fix a hem, sew a button back on, stitch up a hole… We also had a talk about how I enjoy projects like that as it is good for occupying the hands when anxious.

I managed to get a few more of my projects completed in the car. Two little foxes are now listed in the shop. I also managed to find time to sew a doll for my little dude and started on some Christmas gifts.


New foxes in the shop


I think it is super important for the tween and my husband to have time together so I always work a day or two when we have her for the week. The baby goes to daycare and the two of them go off for an adventure or just hang out and do normal life stuff. I asked them to pick a recipe or two for the week and so that lessened some of the stress I have over meal planning. I know kids are picky eaters, but I hoped that if she was picking the meal it would work out better. And thankfully it did. Whew.

The week was busy, but there was a lot of giggling. She got to have lots of solid quality time with her little brother. The weekend isn’t enough time sometimes, so it was nice to see the two of them running around and laughing together.  She looked so sad when she had to hug him goodbye, but I reminded her that she would be back in a week. She took a few photos of him too, and that will hopefully help ease the sadness.

After running around all week we relaxed on the weekend. I’m working on more projects for the shop and I’m pondering content I can also sell. I wish money wasn’t so tight all the time, I just keep hoping once my CDN bills are paid off things will feel easier. We’re getting there, but there is always a new expense that pops up. I’m trying hard to manifest a more positive outlook about money and doing all I can to bring in extra income. It is tricky, society has taught us that money is evil, and yet it is so necessary for so many things. I’m working through that.  The free courses I have taken online recently have helped with that mindest.

I am selling tarot readings again, if you are interested send me a message through the Facebook page. I plan to get something put up in the store about it soon too.

Eqyptian tarot

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer! Do you have any exciting vacation plans? Or do you do staycations? Whatever it is you do, I hope you enjoy it!








Spring prep

We finally got some warm weather. As I type I am sitting in my house with the windows open, a beautiful breeze coming through and it smells fresh. I am excited to see spring. I know we have more snow in our forecast, but for now I am going to enjoy the warmth.

I made my salt dough this morning, rolled it out and cut out many eggs. We will be using them as a craft at the community Ostara I am helping to host in a few weeks. It was a simple task, but it let me mellow out and enjoy the morning. Rolling the dough out over and over is meditative.

Ostara-craft1It was also a bit messy and so while they bake I spent time giving the living room, dining room and hall a good vacuum. Then I opened the kitchen window and watched the wind blow all the dried up leaves off my rose plant onto my dining room floor. Oh well! I shrug it off and move on with the day.

I’ve been crafting a bunch lately. I made the wee one a bunch of barbie doll clothes last weekend and I have more cut out and ready to be sewn. I’ve been working on learning quilting and I still have my cross stitch project I was working on in February to finish up. And of course, each time I get to work on one of my crafts more ideas pop in my mind. The energy of spring is here and I want to do everything!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Lent, life and creativity

For the last few years I have been “observing” Lent. I know several pagans will use Lent in their practice, but I started this because my hubby grew up Catholic and I think traditions are important. I also feel a little bit of sacrifice is important to remind us to be grateful for things in our lives.

Ash Wednesday snuck up on us this year though, so I feel like we weren’t ready for it. We had a good discussion about things in our life and what we want. In the end we decided on a plan that wasn’t necessarily giving up things, but were things that would help us stay focused and get healthy. We’re going to stop eating out, we’re going to stick to our GF diet, and stick to our chore list I had created for us. My hope is that we can use this time to find our groove with our habits and reflect on what we are putting into our bodies. We’ve done really well with eating healthier and our grocery buggy is full of veggies and fruit and non processed things, but we still eat out and fall off the wagon that way.

It is also means I need to stick to my meal planning. Every so often I forget to do it and bam… everything falls apart.

The winter feels like it will never end. At Imbolc I asked Brigid to help me find my creativity again and she has answered. I’ve been inspired by multiple projects and I am actually getting work done on them. The cold winter had sapped all my energy, but I am at least feeling the urge to do things again. The newest thing is quilting. I have always loved to sew, but had fallen out of the practice. I have been getting back into it with little projects here and there, but I have been inspired by all the graphic prints I have been finding. We’ll see where this takes me. Typical Air sign, I must craft all the things!

I also picked up a few patterns for Barbie clothes and also for a few dresses for me. I will keep myself busy. It helps keep me from feeling stuck in the house.

Our weekend was full of colouring and now I have several new things to hang in my cubicle. The wee one made me a few pictures and the hubby coloured me a mini Mountie. We also spent the afternoon colouring different animals I had printed out. I told the wee one we could hang them in her room and she is looking forward to that. She picked which ones she wants up and now I just have to get a few frames.  For now though, they are hanging on our gallery string in the living room.  I have mini clothes pins and we hang our art over the fireplace whenever we create things with her. Its cheery and has more space then the fridge.

My planning for Ostara is coming along. I can’t wait to get out of the house and do things. My 101 class is wrapping up in the next 2 weeks. I think I am also going to try planning a coffee meet up, just to get out and be social.

I hope you are all doing well as we inch towards the spring!

June: Caught up!

I finally got all of June finished in my Project Life. There are a few things that need some tweaking here and there but at least all the photos and journalling is in. Now to catch up on the last few weeks of July!

june weeks

I’ve been doing lots of crafts for gifts and other people lately. It felt good to sit down and do something that was for me. I think in the coming weeks I will make sure to do that more often!

Once the Project Life is caught up I have a few sewing projects to finish up as well. And I hope to find some old furniture to paint and fix up. We need more bookshelves in our home badly! The hazard of being big readers. I have lots of ideas for how to paint them so now I just have to do the thrift store hunting.

Hope everyone else is getting craft time in!