Samhain recap

I'm behind on things. Such is life. We've been pretty focused on my little one and dealing with learning about his allergy. I do feel bad about ghosting out on people, some of my friends have needed more support then I have given. I'm going to work on that. I was not in the Samhain... Continue Reading →


Ritual for the children

Last night we did a ritual to send out energy for the children and families who have been torn apart. You can find my notes on the ritual in a public post on my patreon site. Click here to find the post. I hope it helps. I hope that all the prayers and energy and... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner. Check out my patreon site for a ritual to use or modify in your celebrations. Free post - Spring Equinox Ritual We spent the weekend making cookies, making paneer, and going to an Easter egg hunt. It was a fun weekend and the tween told me before she... Continue Reading →

Full Moon 12/2

This is a cross post from my Patreon account The full moon was this weekend and despite the teething madness my child is going through, I was able to go and have 45 mins to do my ritual. It has been several months since I have had the time and energy to go through a... Continue Reading →

Mabon ritual

Mabon is on Friday so I thought I would share a simple ritual. Mabon is a time of gratitude and thanks for me, so this ritual is to express that gratitude as you prepare for the fall and winter. Feel  free to add to this ritual, change it up, or strip it down. I have... Continue Reading →

Initiation musings

I was reading an excellent post on how you don't have to be initiated and reasons why working solitary is great this morning and I started thinking about how every so often you see the round of "Do you have to be initiated to be a witch?" I have worked in both non-hierarchical, non initiated... Continue Reading →

Managing Magic with Small Children

In which friends Sarah and Cin talk about what it’s like to be a witch mom, give tips on how to juggle magic alongside tiny mischief makers, and talk about how to keep in touch with your magical practice when all you want is sleep and quiet. Cin of Stone Spiral Creations is an experienced... Continue Reading →

Warrior Meditation

I used this meditation on the new moon. I wrote it in my ritual space and then shared it with my friends in circle. Feel free to use it in your rituals, I just ask that if you are sharing or posting about it then please credit my blog. Set up your sacred space in... Continue Reading →


On the 31st I brought my meditation oracle to work. Every year I bring something and let my coworkers pick a card. This year everyone was very impressed because they all got some sort of message that meant something to them. My message was a bit of a cosmic 2x4, but I have come to... Continue Reading →

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