Little Familiars – In Stock

I was able to get the shop updated this week! The grey kitten and the purple/blue fox have been added. Head on over to the store to purchase. As always I am open for commission work. I have been able to create a few small kittens as pet memorials, which is sad, but I am... Continue Reading →


Blessed Lughnasadh

Blessings of the harvest! The Wheel turns onwards. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are already in August. It seems like summer just started and here I am prepping for the fall. Our mini sunflowers came in and are now decaying. We are waiting to see if... Continue Reading →

Skulls, dreams and Wiccans

My in-laws found a beaver skull in the garage when cleaning out the hubbies grandma's house. Immediately, they called and asked if I wanted it. I am not sure what I will do with it, but I said yes. Being a Canadian, Beaver has symbolism to me. Spiritually though I have never worked with the... Continue Reading →

Imbolc 2015 recap

I feel like it is a bit late to blog about Imbolc, but I just uploaded the photos off my camera and thought I could say something little. My own Imbolc was quiet as I predicted.  I crafted a bracelet of red and white beads to remind me of the holiday and left it out... Continue Reading →

Blessed Yule

The Wheel Turns again. May the light return to us. The days will get longer and we will enjoy the sunlight again! I hope that your holiday season is full of love and joy!


We went for a walk tonight... The next one I didn't bother to pull the tripod out and so it is a bit blurry, but I still like it. I hope you all have a magical moonlit night...  

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