The midwest has survived the Polar Vortex! I will admit to getting as bit stir crazy as I was in the house most of the week, but we are safely on the other side of the crazy cold and now its going to warm way up and make a slushy ice rink. Wee. Today is... Continue Reading →


Samhain recap

I'm behind on things. Such is life. We've been pretty focused on my little one and dealing with learning about his allergy. I do feel bad about ghosting out on people, some of my friends have needed more support then I have given. I'm going to work on that. I was not in the Samhain... Continue Reading →

Hello September

There has been so much rain this past month. The weather went from super hot to super wet, then back to humid and warm. Mosquitoes are out in force. It makes it really difficult to want to leave the house. I've spent a lot of time the past few weeks sitting with my embroidery or... Continue Reading →

Summer fun

Where did the summer go? At work we are gearing up for the Fall Semester, and I can't figure out what happened to July. We had the tween for a week and it was pretty chill. They all stayed home with the little dude working on potty training for the first few days and then... Continue Reading →

No Shame

Some time ago one of the many witchy entrepreneurs I follow was offering up a free one on one session to get tips on your business. On a whim I sent in my application thinking it would be great to get some more tips on how to boost my etsy shop and blog etc. I... Continue Reading →

Beltane recap

It has been a long week. The little dude and I both had a stomach bug for the first half of the week. That was the suck. It meant we had to miss seeing the tween's performance, which was sad, but I will hopefully get to hear all about it from her this weekend. Last... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner. Check out my patreon site for a ritual to use or modify in your celebrations. Free post - Spring Equinox Ritual We spent the weekend making cookies, making paneer, and going to an Easter egg hunt. It was a fun weekend and the tween told me before she... Continue Reading →

Patreon posts

I've been writing over at my patreon account. You can click follow on my profile to have my posts sent to you or show up in your patreon dashboard if you wish. I have been writing a mix of free posts as well as paid ones. I have three pledge tiers if you are interested... Continue Reading →

Spiritual housekeeping

My altar is a mess these days. I have been working at it often, and I admit, I'm terrible about cleaning up mid project. Last night I was looking at it and decided this weekend I would take care of it. Samhain is always a busy time of year. I did an office cleansing, 2... Continue Reading →

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