Full moon dreams

As a new mom there isn't a lot of sleep in my world. I suppose I am luckier than others, my son will sleep for large chunks, but it took us a year to get there. As someone who is an active dreamer, it has been very strange to have no dreams for a year.... Continue Reading →


Magick in art

There is a meditation I do that walks me through being part of the universe. It reminds me that I am part of this larger picture, that I am sacred and wonderful. It also reminds me that I am a small slice of it and that I am an empty canvas to fill and create... Continue Reading →


On the 31st I brought my meditation oracle to work. Every year I bring something and let my coworkers pick a card. This year everyone was very impressed because they all got some sort of message that meant something to them. My message was a bit of a cosmic 2x4, but I have come to... Continue Reading →

Growing and working

Work on building my tradition is going well. We're getting together in a few weeks to go over the things I have written and to do some brainstorming. I'm excited about the changes we are making and the direction we are starting to head in. It is good to feel creative. I'm dusting off things... Continue Reading →

New Moon & Life

TGIF! Work has been go go go, for the past 2 weeks. I'm feeling pretty worn out. The week was short but felt like it took forever. Coming off a nasty cold into the busiest time of the year was harder than I thought it would be. Mercury going into retrograde right as we got... Continue Reading →

Here we come 2015!

Happy New Years! This year has been a pretty good one. There has been much laughter, much love and a bunch of blessings. I don't remember what my word was for last year anymore. Hmm. Oh well! I still haven't decided on a word for this year, but it will come to me. I have... Continue Reading →

Workshops and magic

Last night I checked out a workshop run by Selena Fox and Circle Sanctuary. It was all about home blessings and how to keep your space safe and full of good energy. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but since I want to get out into the community I thought this was a... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain to those in the Northern part of the world, and Blessed Beltane to those in the South! I dressed up at work and brought in my meditation cards. The office staff was happy to pick a card and then we shared ghost stories and things all day. It was a nice... Continue Reading →

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