Magickal Bullet Journals, New Moon and Spring

I added a new item to my shop, some magickal pages to use in your bullet journal, orgnaizer or your BOS. I love my BUJO, and more and more I find I am using it to keep track of things going on in my spiritual life as well as my mundane stuff.  I hope you like them!

I did another New Moon circle with some local ladies. This was a bit more low key, we spent some time sitting with the idea of the animal energy that was in our lives. We each picked a slip of paper with an animal on it. I got scorpion.  I knew with it being the New Moon it was most likely going to be something dealing with shadow self, but I would have never in a million years thought of scorpion.

Scorpion tells me to release the toxic in my life and be renewed. It also tells me to be prepared to defend myself if need be. Surprisingly, scorpion is also about motherhood. It was an interesting read to learn more about this energy. I need to sit with it some more and figure out what I am working through.

We also celebrated the return of spring with divination eggs. I always take those plastic eggs and fill them with items. A charm, some beads and a rune and tarot card print out is what we had this time around. I love take aways in ritual.

My garden is also feeling the spring energy. Our tulips are coming up and so are several other plants. I can’t wait to see how beautiful it will all look this year. I also have to decide where my new fairy statue will sit. I got one for Christmas and she needs a home.


Paper Journals

I have kept a diary since I was in grade 4. I still have them all too. Sometimes I poke through them and giggle and young me. Sometimes I cringe and sometimes I sigh or cry. I have always journaled in some way. When the internet became a thing (yes, I am that old) I started this fancy online thing called a blog at Livejournal. And from there it carried on. Over time I lost touch with my paper journal.

I still had one, but there were often very long gaps between each entry. Gaps that spanned years. Sometimes I would forget I had one and start a new one.

The other day I read this post about keeping a journal magically. It reminded me of all my paper journals. I do have magickal journals as well as regular old diary types. When I was a young witch it was all binders. I have 5 or so of them filled with my thoughts, rituals I had written, rituals I had taken part in, newspaper articles about Wicca, dreams I had, tarot readings I received… all sorts of things. Unlike the BOS in the post Thorn talks about I had actually filled my pages with my thoughts and magickal attempts.

I slowly moved on from the binders. I got books with fancy covers. I got plain books. I was gifted books to use. Every so often I would think about moving all the things from those binders into a more permanent book, but at the same time I find a charm in seeing my old style of writing. And it would take years to do that and I would then miss out on anything I wanted to write now.

Currently, I have a journal devoted to my dreams, astral wanderings and any meditations. I have another one that I try to update with things I do on or around the Sabbats, the moons and any other special occasion. I have another one that I have slowly begun to write out my traditions history and things in.

What I have stopped doing is my personal diary writing. My everyday thoughts and everyday life is just as important as my dreams and rituals. I’m a scrapbooker. I love to document everything, and yet I had stopped. The last time I wrote in my diary was 2 years ago.

So after reading Thorn’s blog post I dug out my diary. I’ve put it in my bag and I hope to start writing in it every morning. I think that this will also kick-start me into keeping up with my other journals as well. I also think it is healthy to vent my feelings and get my thoughts down in a private place. And it will also help me keep track of things that are happening so when I sit down to scrapbook I will be able to pull it up and remember what events happened when.

Do you journal? What kind do you do?