Weekend fun

We had a quick and relaxing weekend away to the in-laws. The little dude got to have one on one time with Nana and Papa and we got to go out and have 2 small "dates". It was nice, and hopefully we'll get to do it again sometime. Often when we go to Nana's house... Continue Reading →


Bye April

I blinked and several months have flown past. This semester and the previous one have been challenging. Having to take on the work load of 2 other people, learning all sorts of new things while doing my regular duties, dealing with the normal drama of working in a place with so many people... it has... Continue Reading →

Welcome January!

Hello 2018! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. My winter break was quiet and productive. I sent the little dude to daycare for a couple days and had time to myself. It was weird. I think the last time I had a day to myself was back in November, and I spent all... Continue Reading →

Giving thanks

While I am still having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that it is almost December, I did enjoy the Thanksgiving break. We made a delicious meal with the help of the tween, and had a nice relaxing weekend. The little dude is teething again so he was a bit of a... Continue Reading →

Vacation life

We had a mini vacation last week. It was our week with the tween and it worked out perfectly that my in-laws were hosting an event while we had her. This did mean a lot of car time, but we got through it. My step-daughter doesn't get a lot of time with my husband's side... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Mabon

The wheel is turning and some of these mornings have really felt like Fall! My coven mate and I met up to discuss admin/organizational things a few weeks ago. At that time I said "Well eventually I should get back out into the community to get to know people and have them get to know... Continue Reading →

Still here

Every day for the last 2 weeks people have been calling, emailing or popping their heads into my office. "Still here?" they ask. Yes, yes I am still here and yes I am still full of baby. Our official due date was May 14th so I am sure we will soon be meeting this little... Continue Reading →

Spiritual and mundane

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We relaxed for most of it, did a little grocery shopping and I spent some time sewing. I have several projects I want to get finished up soon. We also got out to see my coven and catch up a bit. That was nice, it has been several... Continue Reading →

Bump news

We're in the countdown of 3ish months till the baby arrives. People have been asking me if I am "freaking out" yet. I'm not sure what exactly I am supposed to freak out about, there are too many things I could stress over. The only thing that has really been worrying me is support networks.... Continue Reading →

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