Goddess Provisions Box – Review

Its been a rough couple of months for me. Work has been insane, we've been dealing with some family stuff, I've had little down time and I am worn out. So I saved up some of my money over the course of a few months, and treated myself to the Goddess Provisions Box.  It is... Continue Reading →


Full moon dreams

As a new mom there isn't a lot of sleep in my world. I suppose I am luckier than others, my son will sleep for large chunks, but it took us a year to get there. As someone who is an active dreamer, it has been very strange to have no dreams for a year.... Continue Reading →

Goddess Dreams

Last week there wasn't much sleep, but I did manage to have one interesting dream. In the dream I was waiting in line in a public restroom. There were two ladies ahead of me and they were having a very detailed discussion about a life sized statue or something that they were trying to create... Continue Reading →

New Moon & Life

TGIF! Work has been go go go, for the past 2 weeks. I'm feeling pretty worn out. The week was short but felt like it took forever. Coming off a nasty cold into the busiest time of the year was harder than I thought it would be. Mercury going into retrograde right as we got... Continue Reading →

Prayer (Aug Photo Challenge)

17. Prayer. I'm happy with my prayer beads and wear them to work often. The weight of them remind me to check in. I pray through out the day. In the morning on my way to work, on my lunch break, in stressful moments and at night. Keeping in touch with my Gods and Goddesses... Continue Reading →

TGIF: Good things

So my procedure went easily yesterday and thankfully the Dr. let me know that everything looks 100% normal. So yay! Of course I have to go back for screening in 5 years, but that's fine. I can handle it. I am so grateful to my hubby who was there to take care of me after.... Continue Reading →

Working through the worries

Sometimes it is so difficult to find the right words. I talk about gratitude often, and how even in the strange moments or the scary moments I try to find something to be grateful for. I'm having one of those moments. Next week I have to go to the hospital and have a "procedure" which... Continue Reading →

Sacred Beads and Sparkles

I spent some quiet time on the weekend and pulled out my beads and supplies. I've been toying with different ideas to make my Bast necklace and inspired by prayer beads I finally sat down to put it all together. The teal beads had caught my eye since they are similar to the colour of... Continue Reading →

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