Magickal Bullet Journals, New Moon and Spring

I added a new item to my shop, some magickal pages to use in your bullet journal, orgnaizer or your BOS. I love my BUJO, and more and more I find I am using it to keep track of things going on in my spiritual life as well as my mundane stuff.  I hope you like them!

I did another New Moon circle with some local ladies. This was a bit more low key, we spent some time sitting with the idea of the animal energy that was in our lives. We each picked a slip of paper with an animal on it. I got scorpion.  I knew with it being the New Moon it was most likely going to be something dealing with shadow self, but I would have never in a million years thought of scorpion.

Scorpion tells me to release the toxic in my life and be renewed. It also tells me to be prepared to defend myself if need be. Surprisingly, scorpion is also about motherhood. It was an interesting read to learn more about this energy. I need to sit with it some more and figure out what I am working through.

We also celebrated the return of spring with divination eggs. I always take those plastic eggs and fill them with items. A charm, some beads and a rune and tarot card print out is what we had this time around. I love take aways in ritual.

My garden is also feeling the spring energy. Our tulips are coming up and so are several other plants. I can’t wait to see how beautiful it will all look this year. I also have to decide where my new fairy statue will sit. I got one for Christmas and she needs a home.


Spiritual and mundane

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We relaxed for most of it, did a little grocery shopping and I spent some time sewing. I have several projects I want to get finished up soon. We also got out to see my coven and catch up a bit. That was nice, it has been several months since I saw people socially.

I’ve been pondering how to set up my sacred space in the new house. I think it will have to wait until I get the rest of the basement pulled together, but we have enough space down there to circle. And then the hubby isn’t stuck in the bedroom on ritual nights. I told the coven to get some scared slippers since the floor will be cold. Eventually I will get a rug or something, but for now, slippers!

I spent some time this weekend doing a bit of energy work. I’m trying out some different things to connect to the baby and hopefully it will allow me to calm the little one even if its not in my arms. We’ll see how that works out. I don’t have super high hopes, but hey, at least its fun to do.

I’ve been doing my yoga almost every day and I’m pretty proud of myself for that. The hubby even joins me some nights. Baby tends to start squirming after and I am not sure if its because I’ve been moving around in different ways and squishing it, or if its because I am all calm and collected and it is picking up on that.

It is going to be a busy couple of months as I go forward. All sorts of classes at the hospital, baby showers and sooner or later I need to start prepping the nursery. I keep reminding myself these last 3 months are going to fly by, so I better get on it.


Old wounds and growth

March was a bit of a whirlwind. My Spring Equinox ritual went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was nice to get out and meet other people. I based the ritual around building community and hopefully my words will sink in, but I don’t know.

I’ve written about this before. I don’t particularly care about why the community blew up. What I care about is people letting go and moving forward. Healing only happens when people are ready, that I know, but there are days when I wonder if that will ever happen.

I have been in circle with people I can’t stand. When you go to large events it happens. I have learned to decide what is more important to me in the moment. Are my feelings so strong that I will just stew and focus on that the whole time? Or am I able to put that aside and just enjoy the ritual?

I spent a lot of time in Vancouver avoiding politics. I was friends with people who didn’t like each other. I did well at keeping my head down and just doing my thing. When I create an event I invite who I want. If people coming have issues with each other I expect them to police their feelings. I expect them to decide what is right for them. I do not want to have any drama. I was pretty lucky and didn’t have many issues. And I think the people around me learned that and respected that I was neutral ground.

Now I have to build that up again. I had a moment at my event. Someone came up to me and began a speech about stuff from the past. I shut it down quickly with a simple “That is your choice” I think they were expecting me to want to know more and take their side etc. Instead I let them know it was their business and their choice. I had other things to concentrate on and had 0 cares about old drama.

I am going to have to draw that line again I am sure.

People are going to have to deal with the fact that I will invite who I want to events. I will not be dragged down by things that happened years ago. It will be a tough line to walk. I am sure there will be some sort of drama at some point. I will just have to wait out the storm and then do my thing.

I think that perhaps the next group event I run will be about change. It will be about clearing out the stagnant energy. That seems to be part of the problem here. Stagnation. We need to sweep it out and make room for new growth and change.

And in the end I will find the right people to be part of my community. My group will find those who are like-minded and we will share space and we will grow.

Spring prep

We finally got some warm weather. As I type I am sitting in my house with the windows open, a beautiful breeze coming through and it smells fresh. I am excited to see spring. I know we have more snow in our forecast, but for now I am going to enjoy the warmth.

I made my salt dough this morning, rolled it out and cut out many eggs. We will be using them as a craft at the community Ostara I am helping to host in a few weeks. It was a simple task, but it let me mellow out and enjoy the morning. Rolling the dough out over and over is meditative.

Ostara-craft1It was also a bit messy and so while they bake I spent time giving the living room, dining room and hall a good vacuum. Then I opened the kitchen window and watched the wind blow all the dried up leaves off my rose plant onto my dining room floor. Oh well! I shrug it off and move on with the day.

I’ve been crafting a bunch lately. I made the wee one a bunch of barbie doll clothes last weekend and I have more cut out and ready to be sewn. I’ve been working on learning quilting and I still have my cross stitch project I was working on in February to finish up. And of course, each time I get to work on one of my crafts more ideas pop in my mind. The energy of spring is here and I want to do everything!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Lent, life and creativity

For the last few years I have been “observing” Lent. I know several pagans will use Lent in their practice, but I started this because my hubby grew up Catholic and I think traditions are important. I also feel a little bit of sacrifice is important to remind us to be grateful for things in our lives.

Ash Wednesday snuck up on us this year though, so I feel like we weren’t ready for it. We had a good discussion about things in our life and what we want. In the end we decided on a plan that wasn’t necessarily giving up things, but were things that would help us stay focused and get healthy. We’re going to stop eating out, we’re going to stick to our GF diet, and stick to our chore list I had created for us. My hope is that we can use this time to find our groove with our habits and reflect on what we are putting into our bodies. We’ve done really well with eating healthier and our grocery buggy is full of veggies and fruit and non processed things, but we still eat out and fall off the wagon that way.

It is also means I need to stick to my meal planning. Every so often I forget to do it and bam… everything falls apart.

The winter feels like it will never end. At Imbolc I asked Brigid to help me find my creativity again and she has answered. I’ve been inspired by multiple projects and I am actually getting work done on them. The cold winter had sapped all my energy, but I am at least feeling the urge to do things again. The newest thing is quilting. I have always loved to sew, but had fallen out of the practice. I have been getting back into it with little projects here and there, but I have been inspired by all the graphic prints I have been finding. We’ll see where this takes me. Typical Air sign, I must craft all the things!

I also picked up a few patterns for Barbie clothes and also for a few dresses for me. I will keep myself busy. It helps keep me from feeling stuck in the house.

Our weekend was full of colouring and now I have several new things to hang in my cubicle. The wee one made me a few pictures and the hubby coloured me a mini Mountie. We also spent the afternoon colouring different animals I had printed out. I told the wee one we could hang them in her room and she is looking forward to that. She picked which ones she wants up and now I just have to get a few frames.  For now though, they are hanging on our gallery string in the living room.  I have mini clothes pins and we hang our art over the fireplace whenever we create things with her. Its cheery and has more space then the fridge.

My planning for Ostara is coming along. I can’t wait to get out of the house and do things. My 101 class is wrapping up in the next 2 weeks. I think I am also going to try planning a coffee meet up, just to get out and be social.

I hope you are all doing well as we inch towards the spring!

Meditation: Jan 31 2015 and musings.

I’ve been pondering a dream I had about a White Cobra that was a guardian of a mountain.  Cobras and snakes are often in my meditations and are one of my spirit animals. Those who have been following me for awhile may remember me researching winged cobras. I had one that was around for awhile, and I think it was Wadjet, but its hard to know.

So I had several people offer suggestions on the White Cobra and I have let it simmer in my mind. Last night I meditated as I drifted off to sleep. Tonight I dug back through my dream and journey diary and some threads are starting to maybe come together.

First though, last nights meditation.

I was about to head into my astral temple when Freyja stopped me. She handed me something that I thought was a staff, but then as she walked away I looked down and realized it was a gigantic skeleton key. I examined it but was unsure why she gave it to me. I took it with me into my space and hung it off a branch of a tree.

One of my snakes that guards the tree slithered out to examine it. The snake was long, white, with yellow markings. It wrapped around the key and proceeded to have a nap.

I sensed something behind me and turned to find a cow munching on some grass. I stared at it and headed towards it quietly. I reached out to touch the large curved horns on its head and pricked my finger on the tip of the horn. Some of my blood ran down the horn and I took my finger back. The cow continued to eat the grass.

I turned and saw that the grass was all turning to sand. I walked over to a round disk and said I would allow myself to be moved if this space prevented a discussion. I was moved to a desert. There was nothing around and the wind was blowing. A storm was coming up. I knew I would be buried alive by the sand, but I was not worried. I lay back and let it happen. I know that sometimes we must let go. As the sand buried me I fell through it and appeared in a black pyramid. The stones were dark, there was no real light.

I could see a long tunnel leading out of the center room, and could only catch glimpses of images on the walls. A voice echoed through the room saying one word. “Child”. I called out asking for some sort of hint as to who it was. A throne appeared with a dark figure on it. The head was a male lion, but then the mouth opened and the lion vanished and a different head came forth. Before I could figure out what the head was I was woken up.

Today I flipped through my journal.

The cow has appeared in my space before, but I had no interaction with it. I know lions have made appearances along with bone monkies and alligators/crocs. I had a dream before of getting a skeleton key tattoo on my back with a rose. Bast and Freyja have often appeared as I work with them. Cats of all types, panthers, tigers, kittens… and then all the snakes. Cobras, pythons… regular snakes… Once, and only once did Set appear in a dream. He used me with permission of Bast to pass on a message to someone I knew.

I don’t know what any of it means, but I will continue to ponder. I am often doing magick of some sort in my dreams, spells to protect, spells to heal, all sorts of spells. I am often battling things or tsunamis and twisters are involved. I think I will have to get more specific and ask for clarification before I sleep. For now I am going to pull out the Book of Doors and pull a card or two.

So, the first card that half fell out and thus needed to be pulled is Udjit ( Ta, #3). Snakes. Second card, Apet (Aah, #2). Hippopotamus, with a croc/alligator on her back. Kekiu (TEpli-Aui-Un #5) Frogs.

I’m open to thoughts.

New Moon & Life

TGIF! Work has been go go go, for the past 2 weeks. I’m feeling pretty worn out. The week was short but felt like it took forever. Coming off a nasty cold into the busiest time of the year was harder than I thought it would be. Mercury going into retrograde right as we got super busy and launched a new program at work led to some headaches. Hopefully next week goes smoother!

I started off the week with a new hair cut and some hair dye. I told myself I was going to be me this year and so I brought some boldness in. I’m now rocking a pixie cut with vivid red hair. Everyone has thought it is super cool. I think it might be a bit too bold for some, but that’s ok. I had a student stop me in the hall to tell me how awesome they thought it was.

Last year my Lady nudged me to start dressing up and having fun with my look. I’ve had a few false starts, but I think my hair has reminded me to get out there and try new things. I want to be me, so I can’t keep letting worries about the conservative mindset of other people hold me back. If I want to wear bright colours and sparkly jewelry and have crazy hair… well then I should. I’m finding my stride in this place.

I was worn out on the New Moon but I pulled something together. I started off the night with the LBRP to center and cleanse. One of my loved ones had some stress going on in their life so I crafted a protective amulet for them and sent out some protection magick. Then I also spent some time sending energy to a few more of my loved ones.

I walked around my room using my shakers to cleanse the space. I like to use music and vibration to help get rid of bad energy. Then I sprinkled some salt around. We’ve had some restless nights and I thought a bit of grounding would help. I ended the night catching my spiritual journal up. It helped me to mellow out.

I’ve had some crazy dreams all week and made some notes. I can tell I am stressed out when my dreams get terrible. I think I need to get back to my practice of praying and meditating. Some of my coworkers want to start a meditation group and I think I should get in on that.

In a few months I’m taking a music class. I look forward to learning how to play my ukulele. I think music is important and I want to be able to jam with the hubby!