Fallow Times and the New Moon

Fallow times can be a strange time. Every so often Bast will step back from my life and there will be a stillness in my practice. There is always the initial "Oh crap!" and panic when I feel the disconnect, but then I settle in and know that there is a reason. Usually she moves... Continue Reading →


Epagomenal Days 2015

Since I took the Kemetic classes last year and Bast has been nudging me for years to learn more I decided to give Wep Ronpet a go this year. I wasn't super prepared, but so far its ok. I am following the KO temple's days since they are close enough to me and I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Moments of “Ah!”

The last few months I have been struck with inspiration. I've been crafting like mad and doing research. As I made another viking inspired piece of jewelry I paused and pondered. Was all this Viking inspired stuff from Freyja? The hubby has some Danish in his background. He's been joking about it a bunch. So... Continue Reading →

Prayer (Aug Photo Challenge)

17. Prayer. I'm happy with my prayer beads and wear them to work often. The weight of them remind me to check in. I pray through out the day. In the morning on my way to work, on my lunch break, in stressful moments and at night. Keeping in touch with my Gods and Goddesses... Continue Reading →

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