Full Moon 12/2

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The full moon was this weekend and despite the teething madness my child is going through, I was able to go and have 45 mins to do my ritual. It has been several months since I have had the time and energy to go through a full ritual.

I am still working on tweaking my standard ritual format. As I did my working I made some mental notes of things I wanted to change slightly. As much as I love the idea of some of the things I wrote, I feel like they don’t fit a solitary ritual. I used to always do ritual in large groups so that is what I am used to working with. Being solitary, I still want my structure and ritual format, but I don’t think I need to have some of the complex parts. Growth is part of the path. Sometimes we have to let go of something or change it up. I will keep trying different things until it clicks.

The parts I have memorized are comfortable. They allow me to slip into my ritual state, breathe deeply, and connect. I am slowly learning the new parts and seeing how they feel. Once the circle was up I started with the LBRP. This centered me so I could move onto the rest of my work. You can find my thoughts on the LBRP in another post.

I have had a witches jar sitting on my altar since Samhain. I worked on charging it over the course of a week around Samhain, and then left it on my altar to soak up energy. I lit the tiny bit of candle left on it and let it burn out. Once that was done I declared the bottle ready for action and placed it in the spot that will be its home.

My last bit of work for the night was divination. I pulled some cards to read and then brought out my obsidian mirror. I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful piece a few months ago. Photos don’t do it justice, the silver mirror back twinkles in the candle light and the obsidian shines. Scrying is not one of my strengths, but I wanted to give it a try. My problems with scrying are around how I receive messages; they don’t tend to be visual for me. I hope that the tool will let me focus and then maybe I will connect in my own way.

I got comfortable and let my eyes go out of focus. There was the hint of something there, but I didn’t receive anything. I will keep working at it and see how it goes.  If you are interested, you can get your own mirror here.

I left my ritual feeling more grounded. I’ve felt a little flustered lately. The holidays mean I am a busy bee, I hand make most my gifts, I do a good chunk of the household stuff, and then we have the very needy teething baby. My brain has felt very scattered. Having a bit of time to focus and ground was excellent.

I hope you all had a lovely full moon! Happy December!


Giving thanks

While I am still having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that it is almost December, I did enjoy the Thanksgiving break. We made a delicious meal with the help of the tween, and had a nice relaxing weekend.

The little dude is teething again so he was a bit of a bear off and on, but we got through it. The trees were put up, ornaments were made, and I packed up several orders to ship out tonight.

I really do appreciate all of my customers. I started making my Little Familiars and ornaments this year on a whim, and the shop has done much better than I thought it would. So thank you!

I have several ideas in mind for next year, but I am allowing myself a bit of a break. I do have my own sewing to do for Christmas still.

I am so thankful for my family and the fact that we are mostly healthy. I feel pretty blessed every time I get a hug or kiss from my little dude or my husband. The tween and I have a pretty good relationship and I am grateful for that.

I have a pretty sweet work team. We have more fun at work than most I think.

Thank you to my readers for all the likes and comments! I appreciate you too!

Despite the crazy in the world my heart is full of love. So my thanks to the universe for that.

Store closes for the holidays sign - Stone Spiral Creations

The holidays are approaching and so I will be closing the shop on December 3rd until January. If you had your eye on something, you’ll want to grab it now. We are down to only 3 ornaments left in the shop. Tarot readings will still be available, you can send me a message through Facebook or Instagram for that.

I have had a few public patreon posts as well as some paid content. You can find the free posts over here and if interested you can hit the “Become a Patreon” button and pledge your dollar amount so you have access to the paid posts.

Enjoy the quiet before the Christmas/Yule season really ramps up!



Spiritual housekeeping

My altar is a mess these days. I have been working at it often, and I admit, I’m terrible about cleaning up mid project. Last night I was looking at it and decided this weekend I would take care of it.

Samhain is always a busy time of year. I did an office cleansing, 2 house protection spells and then my own divination and spell work.  And in the spirit of being organized I actually wrote out one of the spells I did to put in my BOS. That is something else I am a bit terrible at, getting my notes collected and put into order in my book. Usually I just staple them together and put them in a binder, but I am making an effort to actually transcribe things nicely. Otherwise, years later I find random slips of paper with half a spell and I can’t remember what it was for.

I re-read my tarot reading from my birthday. I find it useful to go back and see what the cards were telling me and doing a check in with what is going on in the present. There was a note about going back to basics and starting at the beginning. So I wandered over to my bookshelf and let my fingers run over the spines of my books. One I had picked up in a thrift store and never read popped out.

So I plan to work on tarot with this book Around the Tarot in 78 Days.  I’ll be sure to review it when I am done and let you know how the exercises are.  Has anyone else read this one? What did you think of it?

book cover for Around the Tarot in 78 days

Coming soon – Patreon

I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain! A few days after the holiday my son and I got sick. I’ve been lounging on the couch wondering if I will ever feel human again. Yesterday I felt like I had energy again so I assume we are almost through it. Fingers crossed.

This downtime let me do some thinking. I’ve been going hard since August, between traveling, family stress,  work stress, new job duties, and crazy schedules. My body needed the rest. I also started to work on my oracle deck. Years ago Sarah told me I should make a tarot deck and I pondered how to make that a reality. In the end I decided to start with an oracle deck.

I have a few images started and an idea of how I want the deck to look, but I am going to need to focus on it. I also do well with outside pressure and deadlines, so by talking about it here I am now going to be even more determined to work on it. Motivating myself is the first step.

Long time readers of my blog have seen examples of my photography, so I hope that those of you who know my work are excited about what I could create.

So to help me with this I have decided to start a Patreon account. For those who aren’t aware, Patreon accounts allow other people to pledge a certain amount each month to the artist. There are usually rewards for each tier of pledge. I’ve created a few rewards that I hope are inspiring.

patreon ad

I will still blog here, but my deeper posts on witchcraft will be locked behind a paid account. I will still run my free Wicca 101 online class occasionally as well.

This allows me to make some money to help fund my Oracle deck. I know the pagan world is full of a weird vibe about people being paid for their work. Let’s be honest though, if you have something of value it is fair to be compensated for it. Many authors struggle with the idea of writing a book and being accused of “selling out”, tarot readers are asked to lower their prices and there is a general sense that what we have to offer is not worth paying for. It really is time for that idea to go away. We do have items/talent/skills that are worth something. You do you. And sometimes doing you means figuring out different ways to help pay the bills.

I hope that people want to come be part of the journey with me! I am nervous and excited!





I woke up to a notification today that made me smile. I’ve been added to a list of “Top 75 Witchcraft Blogs” put out by Feedspot.

I’m not sure what their criteria was, but there are many great looking blogs on the list. So if you were interested in browsing, you can find it here.

Some of those blogs I already follow, but there are many that I’m going to have to check out. Thank you for the award Feedspot!

Happy Friday!


Samhain 2017

The wheel has turned and here we are in November. I hope you all have had a witchy week. And for those of you still celebrating, I hope you have a fabulous time.

Our trick or treating was fun. The little dude had a great time running around the park with a buddy and then was super excited to get to walk on the sidewalk and go up stairs. He caught on pretty quick to the whole thing. He was also super excited every time we had a trick or treater and then very upset when they left. Poor guy, it was a roller coaster night.

The night before I had whipped up a couple of protection spells for friends. I delivered them on Halloween. Then once the little one was asleep and our lights were out I went down to my temple space to do my Samhain reading. It is interesting to note all the talk of decisions to be made. I think it will be an intriguing year.

Sprigs of rosemary on an altar

After that,  I bundled up and went out to redo the house wards.  I also did some work on another protection spell, but it was so cold I will be going out to do it in stages all week. You can catch the boomerang video on my instagram or Facebook feed.

Tonight we will have our fancy dinner and put a plate out for the ancestors. I set up our altar to honour them on Monday, I will leave it up for a week and then the photographs will go back to their homes. I was able to get some photographs from my mother-in-law to add to it this year. It feels good to have a representation of both sides of the family. Sometimes I am sad that I am so far away from the graves of my family, but I do what I can from where I am.

Crystal ball

Blessings to you and yours! I hope that however you celebrate, you feel fulfilled.

Fiction Friday!

Is this a thing? Like throwback thursday? Do we have a fiction friday? If not, then why not? There are so many stories out there waiting to be told.

Several years ago I wrote stories. When I started out they were pretty terrible, but over the years my writing style grew. It still needs work, and like all crafts, it will constantly evolve. Every so often a story springs into my head and I can either write it down or let it move on.

I am trying to get back into my creative habits so when this one came whispering into my head this week I decided to let it flow. So here we go, a random witchy ficlit. A tiny little tale, that might grow into something else. Or maybe this is it. In either case, enjoy.



The wooden box sat on her bookshelf.

She had waited until the moon and stars were in the correct alignment and then very carefully picked the box up and carried it to her altar. From another box she pulled four small candles and began to inscribe runes and sigils in the white wax. Some for protection, some for aid in seeing visions, and some to guide her magick.

With reverence she unfolded a black velvet cloth and spread it on the altar. Each candle was placed in a corner. Her incense and other candles were lit and set in their appropriate place. Her note book and pen were placed within easy reach; she made sure the door was closed and locked then turned back to the wooden box.

She opened the lid and picked up the small set of tongs that were sitting in an insert of the lid. They were silver, with soft felt wrapped around the tips. Like a miniature set of cooking tongs, except wrapped so that they would not scratch the item they would carry.

She slid them back into the box and with care picked up the gemstone. It was heavier than she remembered, but she was able to move it slowly from its home and placed it on the velvet cloth.

The gem sat quietly, its many facets twinkling in the dim light. She lit the four candles, whispering words of power as she moved the match from each wick. When the fourth was lit she sat back, took a deep breath, and then stared at the gem.

Light from the spelled candles hit each face and shot around the room. Her third eye opened and struggled against the brilliance for a moment before accepting it. As the crystal focused its power, visions began to pour in. Vertigo swept into her, but she let go and fell into it. With that moment of acceptance, the universe opened up around her.

Much later the candles had melted down. As the last one went out the crystal went quiet. She blinked and sat bewildered as her mind began to process all she had witnessed. She blindly reached for the pen and notebook next to her. Once the pen was in her hand she began to write. Pages and pages were filled before she felt grounded in this reality again.

Carefully, the crystal was moved back to its box. The silver tongs were slipped back into their sleeve. Everything was cleaned up, and, with a prayer of thanks, she headed to bed.