Keep kids safe

My heart hurts for many things in this world, but right now it hurts for all the children being ripped from families,  the kids that have been lost in the system,  and the reports that some of these children may have ended up with human traffickers. I can't imagine what these kids are feeling or... Continue Reading →


Shop update

The shop had a mini update this week! I have re-listed a couple of the halloween minis and put up a few new things. Hop on over to the etsy store to check them out! I do have some other items that are being worked on, and I really hope to get them up in... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We had a small family party for the little dude on Saturday and then a very quiet Sunday. The little dude was very excited to have his big sister around, he refused to get down and wanted to be held most of the morning. His party went fine,... Continue Reading →

Beltane recap

It has been a long week. The little dude and I both had a stomach bug for the first half of the week. That was the suck. It meant we had to miss seeing the tween's performance, which was sad, but I will hopefully get to hear all about it from her this weekend. Last... Continue Reading →

Dragon Shadows

I admit I am terrible at reviews. I don't like to break apart a book and discuss it, I like to enjoy it and tell everyone how amazing it is and then go on with life. I was a beta reader for Dragon Shadows. It was released on Amazon yesterday. I have never been a... Continue Reading →

Bye April

I blinked and several months have flown past. This semester and the previous one have been challenging. Having to take on the work load of 2 other people, learning all sorts of new things while doing my regular duties, dealing with the normal drama of working in a place with so many people... it has... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner. Check out my patreon site for a ritual to use or modify in your celebrations. Free post - Spring Equinox Ritual We spent the weekend making cookies, making paneer, and going to an Easter egg hunt. It was a fun weekend and the tween told me before she... Continue Reading →

Bubbler Tarot Deck

Some of you may remember that last year I was submitting art to a tarot show. Well the show did so well they had enough art to create 2 tarot decks! I forgot about it until a friend was asking about it. Well it appears you can order the decks. So here is the link,... Continue Reading →

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