Big moments

There are moments that stick with you forever. Moments that you play over and over in your mind. Sometimes they are happy ones, but often they are ones that come with some sort of scary moment. I have had one on an endless loop in my mind since Sunday afternoon. Things that also stick with... Continue Reading →


I believe you

I am emotionally and mentally exhausted. I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I know many others who are as well. We are watching all these people mock victims, watching as we are asked to bare our souls, watching as we are told "boys will be boys", watching as a man exercises his privileges. I... Continue Reading →

Blessed Mabon

I hope you all had a magickal weekend! Fall arrived and the weather was perfect all weekend. We actually made it out to a park and a small Mabon cook out on Sunday. My little man had a blast running around the playground and digging in the dirt with daddy and I got to have... Continue Reading →


It's funny how it is always when you are doing something so mundane that something beautiful happens. On the weekend I was cooking lunch. The little dude was playing with his trucks, the tween was doing math homework and my husband was cleaning up after mowing the lawn. Totally normal moment. I'm stirring turkey meat... Continue Reading →

Hello September

There has been so much rain this past month. The weather went from super hot to super wet, then back to humid and warm. Mosquitoes are out in force. It makes it really difficult to want to leave the house. I've spent a lot of time the past few weeks sitting with my embroidery or... Continue Reading →

Dragon Shadows (book review)

One of my instagram friends has written a book! I gave it a quick review here before, but now she is running a contest. Looking for something new to read before the end of summer? Go check out her book on Amazon. It is a fun fantasy/romance book, with dragons, magic and sex. I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Hello August

Having had company for the past few weeks means I am way behind in everything. Insert a flail here. I had planned to work on Xmas gifts this summer, but I have a feeling that won't happen. Thankfully, I did do some work in the spring so I know I'll get it taken care of.... Continue Reading →

The first harvest

The challenge began on Aug 1st. You can find the first 2 prompts on my FB page or through Instagram. I hope it helps inspire people as we work through this first harvest. My Lughnasadh was spent with family. Yesterday was the last day of the visit from my mom and sister. We puttered around... Continue Reading →

Summer fun

Where did the summer go? At work we are gearing up for the Fall Semester, and I can't figure out what happened to July. We had the tween for a week and it was pretty chill. They all stayed home with the little dude working on potty training for the first few days and then... Continue Reading →

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