Bubbler Tarot Deck

Some of you may remember that last year I was submitting art to a tarot show. Well the show did so well they had enough art to create 2 tarot decks! I forgot about it until a friend was asking about it. Well it appears you can order the decks. So here is the link,... Continue Reading →


Full Moon 12/2

This is a cross post from my Patreon account The full moon was this weekend and despite the teething madness my child is going through, I was able to go and have 45 mins to do my ritual. It has been several months since I have had the time and energy to go through a... Continue Reading →

Spiritual housekeeping

My altar is a mess these days. I have been working at it often, and I admit, I'm terrible about cleaning up mid project. Last night I was looking at it and decided this weekend I would take care of it. Samhain is always a busy time of year. I did an office cleansing, 2... Continue Reading →

Fiction Friday!

Is this a thing? Like throwback thursday? Do we have a fiction friday? If not, then why not? There are so many stories out there waiting to be told. Several years ago I wrote stories. When I started out they were pretty terrible, but over the years my writing style grew. It still needs work,... Continue Reading →

Fallow Times and the New Moon

Fallow times can be a strange time. Every so often Bast will step back from my life and there will be a stillness in my practice. There is always the initial "Oh crap!" and panic when I feel the disconnect, but then I settle in and know that there is a reason. Usually she moves... Continue Reading →

What’s in the cards?

  Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms! -Little John, Robin Hood 1973 Once upon a time I used to do a constant stream of tarot work. When we were “baby witches” in our teen years tarot work was the coolest. Every circle, every sabbat, every question… a deck was pulled out and we read as a group... Continue Reading →

Managing Magic with Small Children

In which friends Sarah and Cin talk about what it’s like to be a witch mom, give tips on how to juggle magic alongside tiny mischief makers, and talk about how to keep in touch with your magical practice when all you want is sleep and quiet. Cin of Stone Spiral Creations is an experienced... Continue Reading →

Magick in art

There is a meditation I do that walks me through being part of the universe. It reminds me that I am part of this larger picture, that I am sacred and wonderful. It also reminds me that I am a small slice of it and that I am an empty canvas to fill and create... Continue Reading →


On the 31st I brought my meditation oracle to work. Every year I bring something and let my coworkers pick a card. This year everyone was very impressed because they all got some sort of message that meant something to them. My message was a bit of a cosmic 2x4, but I have come to... Continue Reading →

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