Lughnasadh is just around the corner and I have not thought about it at all. It has been so wickedly hot and humid that the idea of being outside makes me cringe. I will be home with the little one on the 1st though, so I will hopefully figure something out for us to do.

The moon this month was kind to me. I had to ask for her blessing and help and thankfully she delivered. Last year I had a meditation and in it I was told to always carry a gold coin, well now I am also pondering always having a silver coin for the moon. My silver dollar made an excellent offering.

When magick manifests it is always amazing.

There have been several moments the past few months that have given me a bit of a scare. Either accidents we narrowly avoided or healthy issues that could have been worse. It has made me start to take my health and well being a bit more seriously. I am full of gratitude for the spirits and magick that surrounds us, they have been working hard it feels like. And so I am making sure to roll up my sleeves and do my part of the work too.

I’ve also started to try to carve out moments for myself. I have been so tired and worn out and it has taken a toll on my mood. So that is another reminder to stop giving all of myself away. Which as a mom is hard, but I am finding pockets of time.

I’ve started to pick up some of my other hobbies again. Step 1 in taking care of me! So there might be more photos again, we’ll see.

I hope the weekend treats you all well. Go out and find your magick. Pause and enjoy the beauty of the world. Sleep well, hug someone and find some joy.



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