Hello December

So much has been going on the past few weeks. The end of the year is always crazy busy, but this year was even crazier!

First, I did my very first craft fair. The Madison Now group put on a Craft Fair last weekend and it was awesome. The organizers did an amazing job with advertising and we had a great turn out. Everyone was in such a great mood and the whole vibe was super positive. It was only 4 hours, but man it was busy! I didn’t get a chance to sit down or even go look at the other vendors.

It was in a coffee shop and so I think one part was flow from the shop and the rest was everyone coming out to support Madison Now. I got home at the end of the night and collapsed. If they do another one I will happily be a vendor again.

It was really sweet seeing how excited people were about some of my stuff.

In less happy news, there was drama in a group I was in. I’m still deciding how I want to handle it, but it is honestly low on my priority list. Growing pains happen in groups, but there is also a little of the “old guard” resisting change. And it is change that needs to happen. There comes a point when a group gets large enough that you need to set rules or adjust the ones you have. I will never understand why this is seen as such a scary thing for some people.

I’m still debating how I feel about community. I’ve been solitary for so many years now that I am good on my own, but I do have moments when I miss the joy of working with a group. Sometimes I miss having others to brainstorm with, raise energy with, and just have fun with. Other times I am happy that I don’t have to get out of my PJs to do my stuff.



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