So here we are on the other side of our specialist appointment. I feel like I can breath a little more. We have our Epipens, we have an action plan on the fridge, one at daycare and one as a back up in case we lose it. Every so often I see my husband pull the tester pen out and practice. Every so often I practice. We walked my step-daughter through it on the weekend. She did better then his daycare provider did. That of course is a worry.

I’m going to have to revisit training our daycare lady on the epipen. The first time I showed her she was terrible. She tried a few times and failed. I kept it cool, but in my head I’m thinking “You spend 9 hours a day with my child! I need you to know how to do this!” So it will be a thing I train her on over and over.

My son wanted to try the tester too. He cried and said owie! when I pushed it into his leg. Poor little man. I don’t know what we’ll do if we ever have to use it. It will be one of those harden your heart moments. Push the pen in and hold the needle in his leg for 5-10 seconds. That is a long time. The nurse told me I will probably have to lie on top of him to hold him in place.

My heart.

I am grateful that his allergy is at least to a top 8 allergen. It makes it easier when shopping. Anything that says “May contain, does contain or made in a facility with” no longer comes into our home. It makes it easier to explain to people when they ask about what he can have. And thankfully it is an allergy for some of the more expensive nuts, so they are not around or in things as much. I just worry that will make us lazy, and so I am going to make sure I keep on top of this.

We just pray we never have to do this. Never have to hold him down and stick a large needle in his leg and then call 911.

The Dr. told us that it is very unlikely he will grow out of his allergy. His response is severe and for some reason tree nut allergies don’t go away. This will be a lifelong thing for us. Hopefully, it will be manageable.




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