I’ve been doing so much processing this week. My brain is wiped out. And every time I look at how pale and tired my sweet boy looks I worry more. I know his little body went through some serious stuff this week and so it is probably normal that he looks wiped out. I know that we have been very lucky until this point and as long as we are careful it will all be ok.

It doesn’t stop the worry though. The Dr prescribed us Epi pens. His reaction was an anaphylactic reaction and so we need to have them. One will always stay with him and the other will be kept with us. However, there is an Epi pen shortage so our pens are on back order. They can’t tell me how long it will take. If I am worried and am new to this, I can’t imagine how other people feel.

So for now I limit our time outside the safe zones. We won’t be eating out for awhile now. We will learn to read every label and educate everyone who has contact with my son.  Once we have our meeting with the specialist we will have a plan and we can go from there.

2 weeks until the appointment with the specialist. It will be 2-3 hours long. People have warned me that a lot of information will be given to me in that time so I am really glad my husband will also be there. Between the two of us we will hopefully get it all. Plans will be put into place and I will feel better having a plan.

For now I worry and am very careful about everything. And I have been doing a lot of praying.



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