Big moments

There are moments that stick with you forever. Moments that you play over and over in your mind. Sometimes they are happy ones, but often they are ones that come with some sort of scary moment. I have had one on an endless loop in my mind since Sunday afternoon.

Things that also stick with you. When your pediatrician is visibly concerned and uses the word Anaphylaxis.

We were lucky. So very lucky. Lucky that we were close to home, lucky that my son reacted with vomiting instead of having his airway close up. Lucky that we live close enough to a store and that my son’s body let the anti-histamine meds work. Lucky that we have good insurance and were able to get an appointment right away when I called.

Now we wait for results from the blood work. And then we see how life will change.

I have read enough comments on other articles about nut allergies in schools to be worried. There are many assholes out there who say things like “Your kids allergy isn’t my problem. I’m still sending nuts in my kids lunch” or who don’t believe that an allergy is life-threatening “Just a little bit in the air or the classroom won’t hurt them”

Thankfully I have friends who had kids with life threatening allergies so I will have resources and shoulders to lean on.

For now I wait for the results. Wait to see what they have to say. It is a strange limbo.

I have done a lot of praying and a lot of gratitude work. I hope the world gets better about helping out with allergies.


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    1. It was, and thankfully we have the results back already. Now we wait for the appointment with the allergy specialist to figure out our game plan.

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