No Shame

Some time ago one of the many witchy entrepreneurs I follow was offering up a free one on one session to get tips on your business. On a whim I sent in my application thinking it would be great to get some more tips on how to boost my etsy shop and blog etc.

I got back a very nice email saying that because it was just a hobby and not a serious business they were going to deny my application; they wanted to work with serious entrepreneurs at this time. I said I understood and moved on.

And I do understand. She wants to boost her own business with success stories and hone her skills on people who are fully invested. However, it made me pause and start to look at the content put out by lots of these different coaches and business leaders. There are always these speeches about whether or not you are witchy enough, or committed enough, or why are you denying your dream by working 9-5, why aren’t you your own boss, why are you not creative enough etc.

There is a lot of shame there. I love sewing. I love to be creative.  However, I also love my 9-5 job. I get to work with an amazing team of people. I get to work on projects that I care about, I get to help people daily and feel productive. I get to let my organized side of my brain play. I also get to leave my house and talk to people.

Those things might not mean much to everyone, but to me they are important. Yes, I love to be creative. Yes, it would be cool to work from home, but I know I would suffer a bit as I need social time. I know I need to work on something that feels important to me. There shouldn’t be any shame in wanting a regular job.

It goes along with all the instagram accounts and blogs where we compare our spiritual life. We don’t really know what is going on there. We are all doing our own thing. Don’t let shame sneak in. You do you and be proud of it.

Every so often I use the hashtag honestwitchcraft. It isn’t always pretty crystal grids and tarot cards. Sometimes it is doodles on paper when you have 3 seconds, sometimes it is a candle lit while you fold laundry, sometimes it is intense ritual, sometimes it is a moment in the backyard. There is so much out there that makes us think we have to act and look a certain way. Is it any wonder new seekers are a bit overwhelmed and think they must have all the things?

Let’s have a little less shaming of the people working hard to support themselves and their families. Let’s have less shaming of the people figuring out their spiritual lives and what it should look like. Let’s have more support and reminders that life is crazy, but we’re all doing the best we can.





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