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I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain! A few days after the holiday my son and I got sick. I’ve been lounging on the couch wondering if I will ever feel human again. Yesterday I felt like I had energy again so I assume we are almost through it. Fingers crossed.

This downtime let me do some thinking. I’ve been going hard since August, between traveling, family stress,  work stress, new job duties, and crazy schedules. My body needed the rest. I also started to work on my oracle deck. Years ago Sarah told me I should make a tarot deck and I pondered how to make that a reality. In the end I decided to start with an oracle deck.

I have a few images started and an idea of how I want the deck to look, but I am going to need to focus on it. I also do well with outside pressure and deadlines, so by talking about it here I am now going to be even more determined to work on it. Motivating myself is the first step.

Long time readers of my blog have seen examples of my photography, so I hope that those of you who know my work are excited about what I could create.

So to help me with this I have decided to start a Patreon account. For those who aren’t aware, Patreon accounts allow other people to pledge a certain amount each month to the artist. There are usually rewards for each tier of pledge. I’ve created a few rewards that I hope are inspiring.

patreon ad

I will still blog here, but my deeper posts on witchcraft will be locked behind a paid account. I will still run my free Wicca 101 online class occasionally as well.

This allows me to make some money to help fund my Oracle deck. I know the pagan world is full of a weird vibe about people being paid for their work. Let’s be honest though, if you have something of value it is fair to be compensated for it. Many authors struggle with the idea of writing a book and being accused of “selling out”, tarot readers are asked to lower their prices and there is a general sense that what we have to offer is not worth paying for. It really is time for that idea to go away. We do have items/talent/skills that are worth something. You do you. And sometimes doing you means figuring out different ways to help pay the bills.

I hope that people want to come be part of the journey with me! I am nervous and excited!





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