What’s in the cards?

  Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms! -Little John, Robin Hood 1973

Once upon a time I used to do a constant stream of tarot work. When we were “baby witches” in our teen years tarot work was the coolest. Every circle, every sabbat, every question… a deck was pulled out and we read as a group or paired off and did individual readings. My first tarot deck is well loved. I also think it is out of print, because both of us are old.

Witches tarot
Cards from the Witches Tarot

As time went on we moved on from tarot and did all sorts of other things. I still loved tarot and would pull out my cards to play with or on occasion would pop down to see if my friend from Mud & Magic would do a reading for me. She would pull out her basket of cards (because she had a collection) and I could pick which deck I wanted her to use. I remember having a mad love for a cat deck she had, even if it was a bit odd. Sometimes we’d pull out the Inner child cards for a ritual, their oversized shape made shuffling so difficult, especially for those of us with tiny hands. The were fun though, brightly coloured, with fairy tale pictures.

Years went by and my deck started to gather dust. I found a new deck and fell madly in love with it and started to play with it all the time. I was rusty though, lack of use had made me feel awkward when reading. This was really driven home one night when I pulled out my cards and read for Sarah. We were relaxed after a delicious meal, hanging out while the guys played with a drum and I did my best, but man did I feel like I was struggling. That is the moment I realized I had to use my gift more often. Use it or lose it as they say!

Eqyptian tarot
Cards from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot

I pulled myself together and started reading for myself again and occasionally for friends. Then I decided to really focus on tarot and began to pull a card daily. It helped, I felt my readings were smoother again. Every Samhain I bring a deck of some sort to work to read for my coworkers and the past few years have been really great.

This year I have begun journaling about my cards and have started to try new spreads. I still use my first tarot deck, but I go through cycles where I am all about it and then I put it away and pull out my other deck. A few years ago my grandma gifted me one of her old tarot decks that I grew up playing with. I still haven’t tried to read with it yet, but one of these days I will. The cards are pristine.  I think we played with them a few times and grandma read the book that came with it. She may have done some readings, but otherwise I mostly just looked at the pictures on the cards. We spent far more time using playing cards to read with. Maybe one of these days I’ll pick up a book on cartomancy and try that again.

I have been feeling the urge to find a new deck. There are several that are super popular right now and I see them everywhere. Sometimes I think that I should get a regular old Rider-Waite deck, but then I see some of the other ones out there and I want something fancy and pretty. What is your go to deck these days and why?


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    1. Haha, upheaval is one way to describe it. 🙂 Your deck is a cool one, I remember it. I think Krystal has it too. Dragons are fun!

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