Green cards

This weekend was emotionally and mentally draining for me. Watching the news and seeing Green Card holders and Visa holders be detained and denied entrance was horrifying. Seeing the ignorant comments was just as bad.

For those who aren’t aware, a green card is actually a Permanent Resident Card. It means you have gone through at least 2 years of paperwork and processing. 2 years of background checks done by several branches of the American government plus your own government. 2 years of stress, of paying money and filling out forms and doing everything you can to keep from going a little bit crazy with the uncertainty.

I say at least 2 years because it all depends on the type of Visa you applied for. Some people will be in processing for even longer.

I saw several ignorant comments about “Well maybe they should have become citizens. Then they wouldn’t have to worry” Guess what, you can’t just become a citizen. Again, you must be a green card holder living in the USA for a certain number of years before you can apply and then its back to paperwork, fees and waiting. For most people they must live here 5 years before they can become a citizen.

Please educate yourself a bit before you make snap decisions about immigration. Refugees also must go through a vetting process and that takes time.

Living through it all is stressful. Today on my Facebook memories the following came up from 5 years ago. This happy news meant that the very start of our visa journey had been approved. We waited 5 months for this moment.


My fiance got mail. My application is approved! APPROVEDDDDDDEDDEDDD!!

I’m sitting here crying. Happy tears.

5 months of wondering if we would get approval to move onto the next step. Then came many more steps and more paperwork. Then once I was here we had to apply for the green card and wait on that. And due to processing times being long, my green card didn’t show up until it was almost 8 months past when they said it would be there. And every time I called I was told they couldn’t tell me anything. Just that I was in processing. Do you know how stressful that is? Waiting and waiting and knowing that your work visa is going to expire and not knowing if you will have to leave your job and family…

So now here we are. Everyone tells me that I have nothing to fear from Trump’s administration as I am a “Legal” immigrant. That is lovely  to say but this weekend proved that no, being legal doesn’t do anything. Thankfully it sounds like all of the detained were finally allowed in, but that fear is there now. And it is trying hard to take root. I’m holding it back the best I can, but being pagan I worry about which religious group will be targeted next.

I’m beginging to prepare myself for a long 4 years.


3 thoughts on “Green cards

  1. I have friends in similar shoes. Anxious. My ex-husband has a green card. (From the UK originally, lived here for 20 years.) But I am a tad concerned for our daughter that anyone who has a residency may end up in hot water, regardless of their country of origin. She would be crushed if her dad had to leave. 😢

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