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We’re in the countdown of 3ish months till the baby arrives. People have been asking me if I am “freaking out” yet. I’m not sure what exactly I am supposed to freak out about, there are too many things I could stress over.

The only thing that has really been worrying me is support networks. As in, I don’t have one. The closest family is 3 hours away. While I know people around town, I haven’t formed any hardcore best friends networks. The few people I was just starting to get to know I haven’t seen in months and months because I was so tired out and then busy with the move. While I have my coven-mates, they are all super busy people.

The hubby has a friend who I know will be there for us if we need it, but it can be a little awkward as I am still getting to know them. Its not like I am going to form a super best bud group in less then 3 months. I realize that. And then I get worried.

Back home I knew if I needed anything there were at least 5 different people that would be there in a heartbeat. And then at least 10 people who would be there on the phone making plans to be there when they could. Here, I feel a little lost.

Sadly, the places I thought I would find like minded people hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would. And as a 1 car household and living in a place with crappy bus service it makes it even more difficult to get out to do things and meet people. I have to make sure I am working around the hubbies schedule on top of finding an event or something that I think will be a great time to meet friends. It has been more frustrating then I usually like to talk about. I gave up a bit for a while. And now here we are.

I don’t know what I’ll do about it at this point. I guess I just keep on keeping on and hoping that I can get out to meet people and form those tighter connections. The hubby reminded me that his mom will be down after the baby is born and my mom is coming and so I’ll have a bit of support then.

In more positive news, I have managed to maintain the weight they want me too, I passed the glucose test and I am doing yoga daily. No weird cravings. I have craved a lot of PB flavoured things, salty snacks and cheeseburgers. The cheeseburgers I will blame on the fact that I need to have more iron. I also really want my drinks to be cold so I am thankful we have an ice maker on the fridge.

The nursery is empty and I know I really should get on putting it all together, but I think that will really happen after the baby shower. My mother-in-law has several pieces of furniture for us so once she comes to visit with them all I am sure we’ll get to work on things.

We still haven’t settled on names. Our in-laws are due in less then a month so once they have their child (like us they are waiting to be surprised) we’ll knuckle down on our name list. We don’t want to fall in love with a name, only to have it be what our niece or nephew is. We do have a list we are working on, but it is top secret 🙂





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  1. Having my mom with me for a bit was super helpful and all I really needed. Like you, I don’t make close friendships lightly, though I did make some connections in my birthing classes that I maintained throughout the first few months. It helped me to keep reminding myself that at that time, casual friends really wanted to step up to help, they were just waiting to be asked and didn’t volunteer because they didn’t want to intrude. Maybe this is a time to cultivate some of those friendships into something a little closrr? Daunting, i know. Sending you love and support from miles away. ❤

    1. 🙂 thanks! I start doing some classes in March so maybe I’ll find out about local groups I can check out. And I do have to remind myself that maybe it is ok to ask for help. ❤

  2. Hey Cin, well, I feel the exact same way. Moving to a new place isn’t easy, making friends takes time. I live in an out-of-the-way place, not on major bus routes… while its pretty, its lonely. I’m trying to get involved in things, but its not like we’re in school anymore. People have their own lives, families, etc. So… I feel your pain. Hang in there, and I will too 🙂
    Sending love 🙂

  3. Only 3 months left! Time goes so fast! I wish we were all closer to see this happening and getting to support you, but you’ll be great and you’ll have mom friends soon. Elaine made a bunch of friends in some group that all had babies at about the same time; I’m sure she could tell you about that.

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