I’ve always worked in places where people may tell you that they think you are great, but it is never formally recognized. Today that changed. Our team was awarded “Outstanding Team” and apparently there were a landslide of nomination letters. It feels good to know that the positive energy and hard work we all put out there is noticed. We’re pretty lucky. We have a great team, great bosses and a fun environment to work in. Not everyone is as blessed.

The cold weather has found us and I suspect this long weekend will be a quiet one at home. There have been a lot of expenses out of the blue lately, so we are living life pretty tight. Its ok though, we’re pretty happy to hole up at home and relax. I think I’ll be digging through my scraps to make a lunch bag and we’ll unpack some of the basement. I have a quilt to work on as well and maybe I’ll think about making things for the baby.

I also want to work on warding the house and getting ready for having the coven over. I moved all my altar stuff myself, so if I unpack it and anything is broken… well that is my fault. I think it will be ok though. So far everything I have opened has survived the move so fingers crossed this continues. I have sorta figured out the directions in our new home and at least when I circle next I’ll have some idea of where everything is.

I think we’re getting settled. It is beginning to feel like home. The wee one was pretty excited about her new room and is playing with ideas of how she wants to decorate.  We told her it is her space so she can re-arrange however she likes. She asked for my opinion on a few things and I encouraged her to spend some time thinking about it and to try out a few things so she could see what she liked best.

Happy 2016! I hope  your year is off to a good start!





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