2016 – Here we go

It has been a very busy few months so here are a few updates to start off the year.

The pregnancy is going well. We’ve been to a few ultrasounds and seen the little thing bouncing around. I am feeling it move now and there is definitely a baby belly happening. I have been a bit more hormonal, but I am embracing it and just being as zen as possible about all the changes. My co-worker was like “You are the most calm pregnant person I have ever met, I don’t think you know you’re pregnant” haha.

We moved over the Christmas break. That was a whirlwind of stress all on its own and lots of hard work and I really didn’t feel in the holiday spirit. We’re settled now though, and that feels nice. The house is coming together bit by bit.

Christmas with the family was nice, but cut short because of a massive storm front that moved into our State. Sadly, we lost a day with the wee one because of it and that bummed the hubby out quite a bit, but we did our best to keep positive. She was super cute and kept talking to the baby and touching my belly over the holidays.

I am hopeful to get back to having my coven over and getting out and seeing people before the baby is born, but we’ll take that week by week. With the bigger place I will have space to circle again, so I hope to get back to hosting some open events. We’ll see how that goes.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! 2016 is going to be a year full of things!


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