Change incoming and travel recap

I am so behind on the internet. I haven’t read blogs in over 2 months and I have been a bit of a space cadet. There are many reason for this!

September is a bit of a blur. I spent a lot of time going to bed ridiculously early. My body demanded sleep and I listened to it. My co-workers were getting concerned that something was really wrong with me. I was finally able to tell them and all my loved ones that no, I wasn’t dying, I was just busy creating a baby.

Little shoesThe news has had mixed reactions. There is a lot of shock as I had always told everyone I wasn’t going to have kids, but there was excitement too. Once the news had processed there was less “Wait WHAT?” and more ‘WEEE”. Both sides of the family have made their wishes known for what they would like the baby to be, but we are going to all have to wait until May to find out. And as my step-daughter told us “We get what we get and we don’t throw a fit” So it might be a boy, it might be a girl, we’ll all wait and see.

My step-daughter is super excited and asked all sorts of questions, from “what was its name going to be” to “can the baby breathe yet” She also spent a lot of time being exasperated with her dad when he threw out ridiculous names, but then she started sassing him back and they had fun with it. For the record, no the baby will not be named cucumber.

We had gotten a tiny pair of converse sneakers for our reveal photo and she wanted to hold them and take pictures with them. I’m going to have to print those out and frame them for her room.

I also had a trip back home in this time which was fun, but also wore me out a bit. It was strange to be back in my old city. It has changed and I had a few reminders of how far apart I have grown from some people. Most people went out of their way to see me, which I appreciate, but there were others who didn’t even respond to my messages about getting together.

The few nights I did hang out with people were a bit odd, I am not part of the groups anymore and not part of the daily life. I felt a bit removed from it a few times as I listened to people talk. It was just a moment of “hmm”, a reminder to make sure I do keep trying to connect.

The wedding was lovely and it was good to see one of my best friends so happy. It was a lot of fun. Everyone looked lovely and the sun came out for the ceremony. We all enjoyed the games and play time after the wedding as we ran around Science World.

We then had a beautiful day for our drive across the province and through the Rockies. We saw a massive elk and several bighorn sheep in Jasper. We got to Edmonton at a decent hour and then the next day had a lovely Thanksgiving meal with the family.

I used my pull as the first grandbaby to convince grandma that smoking in the house around me was a bad idea and almost made her cry when I told her the news we were expecting. My mom had kept baby sweaters my grandma had made for me years and years ago, so those came home with us.

We explored the city, went to the mall, and checked out the bison in the park. We came home with several baby board books about Canada and lots of my fave junk food.

It was a long trip and we were happy to be home. As good as it is to travel and see everyone I missed my own bed.

Next week is our first Ultrasound and some dr appointments. Life is about to get busy. I also have to finish off the wee ones Halloween costume this weekend as we have her for the 31st. And figure out if I am going to dress up. So many things.

My fortune cookie a few weeks ago told me ‘Welcome the change coming soon into your life”. Noted universe.


3 thoughts on “Change incoming and travel recap

  1. Woooot! I’m so happy for you! That little soul who has been looking for the two of you has finally found you, and it is the greatest joy for all of you. Sending you loads of love, peace, and happiness.

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