Mabon musings

I’ve been toying with revamping how I celebrate the Wheel of the Year for some time now. Life here in the Midwest is different then it was on the West Coast. The weather is different, the clouds are different, the growing season is different… so why should I continue to worship in the same way?

I haven’t yet figured out what these differences will mean in ritual, but it is something that rolls around in my mind from time to time. I do believe I should honour the space I am in and that means figuring out how each holiday relates to where I live. It sometimes feels like this massive project, and other days it feels like it is so simple and obvious.

For me, Mabon has always been associated with Thanksgiving. It is very close to the Canadian Thanksgiving, but now here I am in a place where Thanksgiving isn’t until the end of November. Really, what is with that? Thankfully, Mabon isn’t my holiday to figure out in the coven this year so I can continue to ponder what it means to me without any pressure.

Pagan Pride is approaching. I really should look over my notes and prep for it, but the hubby and I have both been so sick this past week that there has been little energy to give to projects. I am sure the day will be great and hopefully my workshop and ritual go well.

September is here. Are you ready for the next season?


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  1. Mabon and Thanksgiving are very tangled together for me, but it would be interesting to see what Mabon could be without that cultural influence.

    I’m sure your Pagan Pride workshop and ritual will go fantastically and be well received. I hope you have better weather than Vancouver had!

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