School is back in session. The last few weeks have been busy at work, busy to the point where the day is nothing but a blur. We’ve also had some wicked heat, and the air keeps not working in the office. There were days that felt like they never ended. Thankfully, the heat seems to have finally let up and we’re going to have normal temps. Which is good, because September feels like fall and fall makes me want to dress in layers and sweaters.

I’ll be doing a workshop and the closing ritual at the Madison Pagan Pride Day. I hope the day goes well for everyone. I still have to tidy up my ritual a bit, but I have a few weeks still. The coven will be meeting next weekend and I hope to bounce some ideas off of them.

I’ve been a busy bee on my weekends. I decided to make 90% of the Christmas/Yule gifts so I have been slaving away. I think I am a good chunk through them now, which is good. I wanted to have most of them completed with only a few left before October. I still have Halloween costumes to work on too, and will have to swap out to those soon.

I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering my tarot cards. I don’t like to live my life by divination, but its been helpful for insight and meditation lately. I’ve also been trying to get back into the habit of stretching and meditating. At work there is a weekly meditation session we can attend,  I’ve been trying hard to make it. I find it helps keep me focused.

CandleI’ve been so focused on my crafts for other people I haven’t spent much time doing photography or anything for me. There hasn’t been much to share or post about so the blog has been a bit neglected as well. I am sure that will change as the seasons change. The heat tends to steal my strength. Soon enough I’ll be freezing all the time and maybe that will motivate me to get things done.


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