Turning the Wheel: Lammas 2015

My coven celebrated Lammas on Sunday. We started the night with a potluck dinner.  It reminds me of my days with the s.s. crew, we always ate before ritual as well. It allows us to sit and unwind from the day, share some social and bonding time and be full of energy before we head into ritual. I know some groups fast before hand and others just wait to socialize until after. I don’t tend to fast. If I don’t eat enough, I get very “hangry” and that just isn’t fun.

I wasn’t in charge of this ritual so I didn’t have to do any extra prep which was nice. We had a good time and made some magick. We got to burn things, which is always fun. I couldn’t find my larger cauldron so now I am pondering if i got rid of it in the move. We made do with what we had.  I really feel like we’re more focused these days. We got through some bumpy times and we’re now where we need to be.

The hubby watched my coven member’s kids while we circled. I appreciate that he helps out in ways he can so that my spiritual life can happen. They played outside and covered our sidewalks with all sorts of chalk drawings. I smile every time I leave the building and see them. They are their own type of magick.

Prior to our ritual I had headed out to the community ritual to hang out for a bit. I admit I was hot and didn’t want to go, but we went anyway to be supportive. We stayed for a workshop, chatted a bit and then headed home to make sure the house was clean and to make bread for dinner. It was fun so I am glad we went, but I wasn’t really in the mood to hang out. I’m glad we stayed for the time we did, but any longer would have made me agitated. My brain was focused on things I wanted to do at home.

Monday was my celebration of the Kemetic New Year. I got up at 4:35 am and spent some time writing up all the things I wanted to be rid of. I drew a snake and wrote in red all these evils I wished to have gone. Then I spent some time scribbling in black and grey over them, drawing arrows through it and then sliced it up. After that I spoke the magick words over it and watched it burn. I stood on my porch with the moon over my shoulder as I banished these things. Just as I was finishing up the sun began to rise.

It was a nice start to the week.


3 thoughts on “Turning the Wheel: Lammas 2015

  1. “If I don’t eat enough, I get very “hangry” and that just isn’t fun.”

    Oh, yeah! Too many people who react poorly to low blood sugar in our group to fast. No one wants to circle with the hangry.

    • I have always doubted the wisdom of the “tradition” of fasting before rituals. I now the theory is that it sharpens your senses for ritual but, unfortunately, for me it just sharpens my tongue and my bitchiness. 🙂

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