Epagomenal Days 2015

Since I took the Kemetic classes last year and Bast has been nudging me for years to learn more I decided to give Wep Ronpet a go this year. I wasn’t super prepared, but so far its ok.

I am following the KO temple’s days since they are close enough to me and I wasn’t ready to try to figure out the math yet. Next year I may see if there is any difference. So the first day was on Wednesday. Last weekend I made a necklace as my protective amulet to wear.  I was also inspired to grab a bracelet I made months ago to wear through these days as well. I had made it on a whim and yesterday realized it had 5 different coloured stars on it. I guess there is one for each of the Gods and Goddesses.

I have never really worked with any of these Gods and Goddesses. I know bits and pieces about them from my research and from reading other people’s encounters. Going simple for my first year seemed like the right choice.

I printed out images of each of them and then glued them to card-stock. I set up my dresser to be a temporary shrine and each day the card of the deity is placed in the shrine, they each get 2 cherries and a shot glass of cool purified water. As I set up I also pull one of my Ancient Egyptian tarot cards. Before bed each night I pour the water into my plants, and I put the cherries outside for the animals.

I’ve also worn a white shirt each day and light coloured bottoms. This is my nod to wearing white in ritual. That has been a bit of a struggle since I only have a small selection of light coloured clothes and only so many work appropriate white shirts. I’ve made it through 3 days and with the weekend coming I have more options.

I brought my plush Bast to work and she is keeping an extra eye on me this week. My coworkers were amused. I also have a standing desk and so every time my reminder goes off to stand or sit down, I take a minute to stretch and have a moment of quiet.

So far, there hasn’t been any big connections or moments, but it feels good to be doing something. My coven is celebrating Lammas this weekend as well and some of the things we do tie in well with Wep Ronpet. I am always up really early in the week so it will be easy to collect all the statues to put out on the deck. They will be charged with the power of Ra’s rays and I will do something for Wep Ronpet.


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