Community thoughts

I hope the summer is keeping everyone happy and busy. I know we’ve certainly been busy. There have been many mini vacations as we take the wee one to visit her Nana and we hang out doing all sorts of things. We’ve had a lot of sun and my plants are enjoying it. We’ve spotted many bees in our garden and a few hummingbirds! One of these days I might catch one on film, but I doubt it.

I’ve been super tired lately. Between the busy and the heat I am not sleeping well. I just finished up my latest 101 class. It was an odd class though as a friend who I know is well past 101 things was taking it to hang out and refresh her viewpoint, which means I wandered off the path of the normal 101 things and we had many great discussions about a variety of topics. So I don’t feel so bad that I didn’t really “teach” as I feel we both got something out of our time together.

I’ve agreed to run a workshop and a ritual at the Pagan Pride Day in Sept. I will have to ponder and figure that all out. I think that helping out community where I can is important. We can’t grow if the same people are forced into the same roles over and over. It happens though, where others don’t want to step up. So I try to help when I know it won’t over stretch me.

I have kept my head mostly out of the greater community here. I did a ritual in the spring that went well, I run my 101 and occasionally do a coffee night, but currently I want to work on my coven before really getting out there. I have set firm boundaries for myself and my interactions with the community as I don’t have any desire to be used and burned up. I’ve already had a few run ins with people who wanted to use my experience and skills in a way that I found disrespectful and I have heard enough stories about what happens to those who aren’t afraid to lead.

I do know that I will run the occasional event, because I want to see things happen, but that will be set by me. I know that many people assume because I am a kind and polite person they can push me around. They are never prepared for when I plant my feet and become a wall. I have some flex, I know when to bend, but I also know how to stand up for myself and I am not afraid to do that. I might be tiny and cute, but I am not a push over.

My coven is going well. We had a lot of chaos and uncertainty with the past 2 years and now that we are on our own I can feel the difference. We’ve set our schedule, we’re planning things and I am more sure of my position. Still no name for our tradition, but I am narrowing things down and am about to begin the serious magick for that.

I’ve re-vamped our 101 and am going to do a bit more tweaking to it. I am happy with our ritual format we created and just have to get comfortable with it. That will come with practice. We have set some goals for the next few months and I am excited o see where we go. I have more work to do still, but it is coming together.

I am pondering running an online tarot study group, but the idea is still new and rolling around in my brain. Once it is more solidified I will post details on the facebook group for the blog. Haven’t checked it out yet? You can find the link in the sidebar.

I have been pretty excited about the things that Elemental has been doing. They are a community based sabbat group that rotates through different members leading an event. It is very similar to a group back home I was part of and so I am happy to see them getting different people and groups leading different things. They key will be if people continue to volunteer. We don’t want organizers to get burnt out.


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