Charleston prayers

I don’t often talk about politics or news or things happening around the world in my blog. The shooting in Charleston though has made me want to touch on a few things.

I feel like that community has been doubly violated. It is a tragedy to lose loved ones. It is terrible and frightening when an act of terror happens in your community. There is no way I can even comprehend how they feel. And then on top of all those feelings, is the fact that it happened somewhere sacred. A place that is a sanctuary. And then that monster came in and violated their holy place.

To think that they were somewhere they felt safe. That they were praying and lost in the beauty of communicating with their God. And then… terror. I can’t imagine what it will take to heal that.

I’ll be praying for that community. Praying that they can heal and that they can take back their sacred space. That they won’t let a monster take their loved ones and a holy place away from them.

These are the names of those who died. May they find comfort and peace in the arms of their God. I hope that their families and community can come together to heal.

Rev. Clementa Pinckney

Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr.

Cynthia Hurd

Sharonda Singleton

Myra Thompson

Tywanza Sanders

Rev. DePayne Middleton

Susie Jackson

Ethel Lance


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