June and Solstice time

I know I say this often, but time is just zooming past me. We’re already over halfway through June and I can already see the end of the summer looming. This morning I really wanted something deliciously fatty and bad for me from the cafeteria, but instead I ate my granola and cashew milk. Some days eating healthy is no problem. Other days after a bad night of sleep I just want all the junk food. Future me will be happy with my choices.

There were chaotic and strange dreams last night. I don’t really remember them, but I know I woke up often and there was worry over being chased, forgetting things and all the other normal stress dreams. Tomorrow I can relax in the afternoon and maybe there will even be a nap.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to the Dr for some allergy tests. The allergens have been so bad and after 3 years of being here I’d like to know what I am allergic to here that is different then what I had on the West Coast. And yes, its 3 years on the nose! Today is the day I arrived and got off the plane and knew I didn’t have to get back on one at the end of a week. We don’t celebrate my “Welcome to the US” anniversary, but we did talk about that day a bit this morning. There was much excitement. It took the hubby a year to stop feeling like he was supposed to be taking me back to the airport at some point.

My birthday was a busy, but quiet one this year. We went to a movie and I had my coven meeting, a pub night,the Colour run and tons of stuff going on. So we were busy, but none of it was for birthday things. Last weekend we had the wee one so they made a cake for me. We also checked out the geology museum, the kid’s museum, the farmers market and I spent some time showing her how to do a bit of sewing.

I’ve been working on Yule and Christmas gifts already. We have a trip planned this year, so I want to get as much crafting done in advance so I don’t stress myself out again. Supplies are being bought and we have plans to make things together. It will be fun.

My coven meeting went well.  I’m looking forward to our next meeting to try out some of the new structure we created and to get us started on some work. We also set out what steps a dedicate would have to take to join us and a time line for it all. I did keep some chunks of things from my old trad, edited other parts and added some new things. In the next month or so I may add a tab with some information to the blog. We’ll see how it goes. There is still more work to be done, but that is mostly on me. I suppose I had better get started.

I have no plans for the Solstice this year. With Father’s Day being at the same time we’ll be busy with things for that. Although in the evening I might have us head down to check out the bonfire that is done at a local park. It will depend on how tired we are from the day.

Most likely I’ll take a bit of time on Saturday to celebrate with myself. I’ll light some candles and sit on the deck in the sunshine with my plants and do some meditating. I have several large projects I want to start this year and this might be the perfect time to let that intention be set and to get started on them!

What will you be up to for the Solstice?


4 thoughts on “June and Solstice time

  1. Deb M says:

    Having my birthday, Father’s Day, and Solstice happening all on the same day is a bit overwhelming. As I take the energy in I am reminded that this is what happened when I was born only with a full moon on top. Whew! I think I might try to light a fire on Sunday night. The rest of the time I plan to try to enjoy family and friends.

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