Busy times.

Its June! What? This year is flying by. I know many people have been having issues with Mercury, but I have not really had any huge problems. The first day with it and the dark moon and it being Monday I was a bit out of sorts, but I found my stride. I made sure to take some time for myself, and I did some meditating and tried to just relax. It worked out for me.

This week I am taking care of me. The hubby and I are doing our reset diet for a week. No wheat,no dairy, no corn, no caffeine, no refined sugars. Lots of fruit, veggies, and healthy fats and protein. We even started doing our weight lifting again. I know I am going to feel fabulous next Monday.  This will help us break the habit of the candy and pop and eating out that had been sneaking back in.

I am also doing the Colour Run soon and while I am just walking with friends, it will be good to be out and moving and having fun.

This weekend will be busy. I am going to hang out with some pagans on Friday and then again on Saturday as my coven gets together to really hammer through an agenda. Soon I can hopefully share news about the new tradition we will build. I’m excited to have this time to sit down with my group and go over the things that we think are important.

I also have my 101 class starting next week. I’m looking forward to it and getting a chance to spend time in circle with some new people. I just have to make sure to give the house a good clean this weekend! I think having the class on Mondays now helps with that. We aren’t slobs, but over the week with as busy as we are, sometimes things fall apart a bit.

I’ve slowed down a bit on my crafting, but only because I have run low on supplies and haven’t had a chance to get out to get more. I am feeling pretty good about how productive I am. I really can’t wait for a few nice days so that we can get in our garage and clean and organize.

We have lots of plans for the summer and fall. Every time I open my day planner and have to flip ahead I am amazed at how soon everything is.

I had some crazy dreams last night. At one point there was an Orca stalking my boat that then jumped in the boat. It had a toothbrush stuck in its gums, so I helped fish that out. Dream brain… what are you up too? I do have a dentist appointment this week so maybe its some weird thing about that. Ha. My other dreams revolved around me living somewhere else in another time and dating my husband. My mind is sometimes very odd and other times it is so normal.

Happy June!


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