Moments of “Ah!”

The last few months I have been struck with inspiration. I’ve been crafting like mad and doing research. As I made another viking inspired piece of jewelry I paused and pondered. Was all this Viking inspired stuff from Freyja?

The hubby has some Danish in his background. He’s been joking about it a bunch. So much we decided to be vikings for Halloween. So I’ve been doing research and am remembering how much I loved to sew costumes back when I was in the SCA. I’ve been looking at jewelry and trying to find beads and all that.

While doing all this I also pulled out an old rune necklace and am working on fixing it. At that point I realized that I was also following several people from Europe on instagram who did a lot of Norse work. So I paused at that moment and thought about my Goddess.

Bast has always been the focal point. She is fine with Freyja, but I flat out said that unless Freyja was going to be sticking around I would not be going out to buy statues and things. Things got quiet for a while, but now I have this sudden influence on my life and crafts. I wonder if she is trying to let me know she is still around. I poured a shot of alcohol for her a few weeks ago and pulled out the small dish I had bought last year for her. I gave her some fresh water and left it at that.

So much has been going on in my life with so many changes that I have probably not been paying attention to the little pokes as well as I should. These things happen. I’ll try to be a bit more aware.

As I write this my desktop wallpaper also changed to the photo I took of some of my object I have given to her in the Shrine. Check, I’ll make sure to do a little meditating tonight to focus on her. It will be good to do a little work.


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