Busy weekend

We had a busy weekend, but a good one. There was ballet on Friday and then a Norwegian festival on sat and a bonsai exhibit on sunday. The hubby’s mom came down and we had the wee one, so it was a large crowd of us. The festival was a good time. We ate delicious deep fried cheese curds and burgers, we wandered and looked at crafts, we saw a rosemaling exhibit and then there were the dancers.

The wee one had a blast with the dancers. She was giggling all through the last dance since it was so silly. We discussed the costumes they were wearing and what we liked best. The hubby and her found a booth with wooden frogs while we were wandering the craft faire. They make frog noises when you run a wood stick up their back. So a few of those came home with us. I also bought the wee one a hat. She wore it for most of the day and was excited because its just like a hat Ana wore in Frozen. I had made her a pink cloak a few months ago and so now she plans to wear them both together.

The bonsai exhibit was also fun. She thought the mini trees were adorable and she actually did really well sitting through the explanation of how to start working with a bonsai. Afterwards the hubby and her discussed how they want to learn more and make one. We decided that might be next summer’s project for the two of them.

We’ve got a bunch of things lined up for the summer since we will get more time with the wee one. It will be good. Watching her snuggle her daddy on the couch is sweet and I think she will be happy to have more time with him too. I know how excited I was to have my weekends with my dad when I was her age. The wee one and I have had a few different discussions about being divorced kids. She knows I was the same age as her when I went through all this so she will occasionally bounce ideas and questions off of me.

She is also pretty excited to get to go see her Nana this summer. She wants to go on the boat and walk the dogs and go shopping with her Nana and run around with all of us. She also really wants to see if she can figure out frog language with her new frog toy. She’s going to bring it with her and see if we can get the frogs at the lake to talk back to us.

This weekend the hubby and I are going to go visit his family and see some friends. I also have plans to tear apart the house and begin a deep purge and clean. This summer I want to go through all the boxes in the garage and all the random ones still up in the house and sort and purge what isn’t needed. It will be a nice project to do when its warm out , I can sit on the porch and dig through boxes.

I also have to print out and frame a few photographs and get my Project Life book caught up again. Then there are Christmas gifts to start. Lots to do this summer. It is funny as I felt like this weekend should have been a long one. I’m still in tune to the Canadian stats.


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