Gardens – Nature prompt

I live in an apartment so my garden is small. Every year though, we pull out pots, dig out old plants and spend a few hours prepping our balcony. We believe that we need to help the bees and the butterflies and all the other beings that need plants to survive. We’ve discussed maybe someday being beekeepers, but for now we just do our best to grow things that will help them.

We try to grow everything from seeds. Right now my kitchen table is covered in little seedlings. We have a variety of herbs and several flowers. We enjoy using fresh herbs in our cooking and growing it ourselves we know it is free of chemicals and other things. Currently we have rosemary, oregano, lemon basil, dill, chives and…something else that is left my mind.

We also have lavender, jalapeno, and eventually we’ll have tomatoes. After we replant the one the squirrel dug up….

This year we did buy a few flowers already grown, but we are also growing 4 different flowers from seeds. Its a lot of work, but when everything is blooming and we have fresh herbs and lots of flowers to enjoy, it is worth it. On nice nights we will sit out on the balcony and watch the bees and feel like we have helped in a tiny way.

We talk about what we will do when we have a yard. I have so many ideas. We know we want to grow some milkweed for the monarchs, and we’ll have a variety of flowers, herbs and veggies. I keep the dream tucked away, but I am full of excitement at the possibilities.

The wee one is always excited to see what has grown since last time she was here. We hope that we are giving her a sense of nature and making sure she knows how important it is.

My indoor plants are doing well too, which always surprises me. 2 miniature rose bushes and an aloe plant have taken off. I suspect the house spirits enjoy having a little space to hide away.


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