Self-love, compassion and ritual.

We woke up to rain today. I admit I didn’t sleep well. I am feeling overly sensitive. I just want to be back in bed, but here I am at my desk ready to be perky for those who need help. It feels like the worst time to write about self-love and compassion, but maybe it is the best time.

The saying goes ‘If you won’t take care of yourself, who will?” We tend to have a hard time being gentle on ourselves. We expect crazy things. We will pass out love to our friends and family, but always forget about taking care of ourselves. Whats up with that?

At Beltaine I think about the sacredness of love. I think about the coming of spring and all the new energy as we head into nicer days. And now I try to make time to think about myself. To pause and see how I am doing after the long winter. Spring is late here in WI, and sometimes that winter seems to drag on forever. It can and does affect my mood and outlook. Beltane is a great time to pause and feel alive again.

I’ve been doing my best to take care of myself. I am at the gym 3 times a week, getting out and taking classes, making time to do things I love. The treadmill is a great time for self-love. I have a knee that was pretty badly wounded in my youth. It lets me know when I am pushing too hard. I will warm up and start my run and then pause after a few minutes to walk and let myself listen to my knee. Is it ok? Is it getting cranky? Can I push a bit harder? If I think it is angry then I walk. If I think it can handle it, I run.

Do you pause and listen to your body? Today I know I didn’t get enough sleep. I know my emotions are high. I am going to show myself compassion and be gentle. If I hear my inner voice getting upset I will pause, breathe in and out, and center myself.

In the mornings I take a moment to look up at the sun, greet Ra and then imagine myself surrounded by golden light. When I am at the gym I take a moment to center myself, be present in my body and take a moment to tell myself that I am doing a great job, I am getting healthy and I can do this.

What rituals do you have to be present?

I’ve been reminding myself I need to make sure to take more time for myself. I enjoy the moments that I get to light my candles and meditate. I feel refreshed after doing the LBRP and charging my wards. I need to have those moments. The laundry can wait a few more minutes.


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