May challenge

Last year I ran a photo challenge for the month of August. It was a ton of fun. This month I have a different challenge planned. Each week I will post some thoughts and a prompt. It is up to you how you want to use it. Maybe it inspires you to take photos. Maybe you write blog posts. Maybe the prompt takes you in a different direction. Have fun with it.

I’ve added the questions just as a stepping off point. You don’t have to answer them. Feel free to tag this post if you want me to see your posts. If you are posting photos on Instagram you can tag me @stone_spiral_blog

If you are posting on Facebook you can find my page link in the sidebar.

I hope this inspires us all to a great month of May! I look forward to seeing what people do with it.



2 thoughts on “May challenge

  1. I mostly look without and celebrate with those about me! I know my deities love me, I don’t need to connect to them to feel it. Compassion for me is not usually something I boast about it, I just do what is correct. I forget about self love and spend all my energies on others. Holiday or celebration? I look on it as a day to spend with your loved one(s)

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