Earth Appreciation

It is Earth Day. As I have been walking home more often I have been thinking about the environment. The trails I walk down are covered in trash. I’m not sure why there aren’t garbage cans here and there for people to use on the trails, but apparently people don’t think to hold onto their garbage until they find one.

As a pagan I think I should be working towards helping the earth. I recycle, try to be aware of what I am buying and its impact on the planet, I bring my own water bottle to work to fill up. Little things.

As the weather gets nicer I have been thinking about putting a call out for my friends in the area to meet some weekend with bags and gloves and go out and clean up the trails and forests around us. It’s another little thing, but I think it is an important one. I also think that the spirits of the land will appreciate the help we give.

Too often we sit in our homes and we disconnect from the earth. I know my rituals and magic tends to be indoors. Every so often it is good to get out in the woods and feel the breeze and listen to the song it plays. It is good to get out and greet the sky and worship.

My balcony is currently a mess of dirt and pots and plants. We started gardening on the weekend and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed having my hands in the dirt and feeling the energy. I was calmed and let go of some stress. My indoor plants are thriving and I look forward to the little wild place I will create on my balcony. A space for the bees and butterflies. A space to relax and meditate. A space to connect.


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