Paper Journals

I have kept a diary since I was in grade 4. I still have them all too. Sometimes I poke through them and giggle and young me. Sometimes I cringe and sometimes I sigh or cry. I have always journaled in some way. When the internet became a thing (yes, I am that old) I started this fancy online thing called a blog at Livejournal. And from there it carried on. Over time I lost touch with my paper journal.

I still had one, but there were often very long gaps between each entry. Gaps that spanned years. Sometimes I would forget I had one and start a new one.

The other day I read this post about keeping a journal magically. It reminded me of all my paper journals. I do have magickal journals as well as regular old diary types. When I was a young witch it was all binders. I have 5 or so of them filled with my thoughts, rituals I had written, rituals I had taken part in, newspaper articles about Wicca, dreams I had, tarot readings I received… all sorts of things. Unlike the BOS in the post Thorn talks about I had actually filled my pages with my thoughts and magickal attempts.

I slowly moved on from the binders. I got books with fancy covers. I got plain books. I was gifted books to use. Every so often I would think about moving all the things from those binders into a more permanent book, but at the same time I find a charm in seeing my old style of writing. And it would take years to do that and I would then miss out on anything I wanted to write now.

Currently, I have a journal devoted to my dreams, astral wanderings and any meditations. I have another one that I try to update with things I do on or around the Sabbats, the moons and any other special occasion. I have another one that I have slowly begun to write out my traditions history and things in.

What I have stopped doing is my personal diary writing. My everyday thoughts and everyday life is just as important as my dreams and rituals. I’m a scrapbooker. I love to document everything, and yet I had stopped. The last time I wrote in my diary was 2 years ago.

So after reading Thorn’s blog post I dug out my diary. I’ve put it in my bag and I hope to start writing in it every morning. I think that this will also kick-start me into keeping up with my other journals as well. I also think it is healthy to vent my feelings and get my thoughts down in a private place. And it will also help me keep track of things that are happening so when I sit down to scrapbook I will be able to pull it up and remember what events happened when.

Do you journal? What kind do you do?


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