Change in the air

My move to the USA caused several changes for me spiritually. I am away from my tradition, alone, trying to slowly build something that builds community and faith. It hasn’t been easy to search out like-minded people. There have been moments of frustration. There have been moments of happiness. It has been a mix of emotions.

I look at the people who have inspired me and I wonder if I am even half as good as they are at this. Then I remind myself that I can be only me, and well, that is who my people have. I try my best to be a good leader, a good community member and I remind myself to get out there to meet others.

This spring is bringing more change. I am pondering my path and what I want out of it. I am looking over the things I am so comfortable in and poking at the things I tend to ignore. I am thinking about legacy and what I will build and leave behind. I am questioning some items, hugging others and doing some praying.

I pulled some cards last night for guidance. I got The Magician, Two of Swords and The Fool. I just sorta sighed as it told me what I already knew, but that is the way it goes sometimes. I went to FB and asked my friends for their insights. They all seemed to align with what I had thought.

I am ignoring a choice I need to make (yep). I have the power and creativity to solve it and build what I want(totally). I need to make the leap of faith and follow my heart.

I am good at leaps of faith. It helps that I have a ton of faith and I trust in my instincts. I am waiting though. This time it isn’t just about me. This time it is about the other people in my group and what their wishes are. This time I have to put the information out there and wait to see.

So I wait and I ponder. And I plan and I write. I pray and I meditate. We will see where the path leads.


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