A few people here started up a small group for community ritual. Coming from a large pagan community where I am used to lots of rituals with different groups and a pretty large “open” sabbat group it has been hard to have no one around. I was very excited when I saw that they were putting on sabbats. I headed out to Imbolc and had a good time, although I missed a good deal of the socializing before hand.

When they asked for people to step up to lead rituals I jumped in. I know that community needs support to grow and it is never fair to expect one or a few people to be in charge all the time.

We met this afternoon to go over the plans. I have a pretty basic ritual put together with a community minded working. We sat and planned out a few other things to do during the day and I am excited to see what will come of it all.

So over the next week or so I need to get my ritual written out, create a blurb for them to post when they begin to advertise the event and plan out my “This is who I am and what I do” thing to present before the ritual. This community has many fractures in it that they are trying to heal and I think being upfront about what all is going to happen is good. I can’t expect everyone to know what goes on in a basic Wiccan-centric circle just like if someone was leading a Druid ritual I wouldn’t have any clue what was going on.

I have been missing ritual. I look forward to a chance to meet new people and share sacred space. I think once the event is over I will share the ritual here for others to use if they like.


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