Spells, prayer and dedication

I don’t know how many times I have heard “Well I did a spell, but nothing happened” or “I prayed but not no response”. This seems to lead to the idea that their magick is faulty, or the Gods are mad or it wasn’t the right moon phase… and so on.

The question I always ask is “Did you do anything besides the spell/prayer to make it happen?”

Spell work is not a band-aid to fix everything. Sometimes no matter how many times you cast a spell to win the lottery, you just won’t win. However, if you cast a spell to help you find a better paying job and then also start looking for the job, refresh your resume and do everything you can to get the better job, the spell might help you out.

Prayer is wonderful. Spell work is wonderful. Asking the Divine to help you out is great, but unless you actually put the effort into creating, getting or doing what you want to achieve, then why should They help you? The saying “God helps those who help themselves” is true to me.

Example from my life. I want to get in shape. I want to shed a few pounds. I’ve done a spell to help me stay on track. It doesn’t end there. I also meal plan every week, pack healthy snacks and even when I want to just sit on the couch, I get up and go to the gym. All of these things are part of my magick. They are part of the package to achieve my end goal. If I just cast a spell and then sat on the couch eating chocolate I don’t think I would get what I wanted.

Magick is dedication. It is hard work. When I am on the treadmill I mentally remind myself of my goal and tap into the energy I put out there. I work it, I push myself and I listen to my body.

At other times in my life I have prayed for help. I have done the spell work and then I get out there and do what I can to help get what I want. If you are a Witch you will always get the one person asking for a love spell. We’ve all had someone ask. I like to remind people that if they want love they need to figure out what is stopping them from finding it. Magick or prayer alone won’t get you a date. As fun as it would be for the Divine to gift wrap and deliver someone to your front door… it just doesn’t work that way.

Getting out and meeting people and having fun will open you up to more possibilities. In this day and age you can find lots of groups or clubs to check out that will let you have fun while meeting new friends and you never know, that special somebody might also be taking a class on how to paint with watercolours.

Making changes in your life can be difficult. It can take dedication to change yourself or change your world. It is hard work. Sometimes you might fall on your face. I know I have tried for years to be healthier and have failed a few times. I won’t get there until I am actually ready to put in all the hard work. I know this. Is this year the year it happens? Maybe. I like to think so. I try not to beat myself up for the failures. I understand it is part of learning.


3 thoughts on “Spells, prayer and dedication

  1. Bev says:

    This is a really timely post for me. I want my health to improve and I realise that all the prayers in the world won’t help me if I don’t put the work in. It is difficult having fibromyalgia to exercise as it makes the pain worse but I saw the neurologist yesterday and he told me in no uncertain terms that if I don’t start to make changes I will get worse. Change is hard but I know I somehow have to get started. Do you focus your energy on your goals? How do you direct it and stay on track? Good luck with your health goals!

    • I do focus my energy on my goals. When I get on the treadmill I always take a moment to visualize where I want to be and how healthy and happy I will be. I also check in with my body and see how I am feeling that day so I know how hard I can push, or if I should take it easy.
      I have a small vision board I use to remind me of what I want. It is full of quotes about dedication, determination and being strong. And I just remind myself of how good my body feels when it is stretched out and full of energy. Good luck! remember to listen to your body so you don’t hurt yourself, but know when you can push it a bit.

  2. Hard work and magic/spell work absolutely go together. For me, it comes down to setting intention and following through. And, listening to the answer! Bev – it sounds like not making some of the changes you had in mind is actually the best thing to do take care of your health and your body. I also think it’s really important to not blame yourself when your prayers and spellwork aren’t answered like you think they should be. I get asked for spellwork for fertility or love. It’s not your fault if you don’t get pregnant. If you don’t meet the love of your life and get married then there is not something wrong with you that you just need to work harder to fix. We don’t always get everything we want in the form we want it. Answers come in all shapes and sizes, our paths and our learning journeys are complex and full of wonderful mystery. I think the most interesting part of any spell is figuring out exactly what you are asking for and then being open to whatever “answer” manifests!

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