Tomorrow I am going to check out a community Imbolc ritual. The event goes all day, but I am just going to head over for the ritual portion. Not because I am anti-social, but because I have a ton of other things I need to get done in the day!

I look forward to sharing sacred space with a group. It has been some time since I have had more than 4 in a circle. Nothing wrong with small groups or my solitary work, but I do miss the energy raised by a larger group. I’m excited to meet some new people as well.

Every year I make sure to light my candle to Brigid. At one time someone in our group went to Kildare, Ireland to light a candle off the sacred flame there. It was brought back to us and we had the chance to light our candles from it. Passing the flame, sharing the sacredness. Mine is getting low so I will have to go buy a new candle to light off of this one.

I use it to pray to the Goddess and to ask for blessings. I am hopeful my creative muse comes back as we head into spring and I want to stay focused on my health goals. I’ll be asking the Goddess for a blessing on those things the next time I light Her candle.

What goals and wishes do you have for Imbolc?

My personal ritual will most likely be simple. Imbolc has always been a strange holiday for me. A lot goes on at this time of year and as we start to head out of the winter I can sense the change coming. Some years my cosmic closet is cleaned out and lots of change happens. Other years it is quiet. You never can tell where the Wheel will take you.

We bought some tasty flavoured honey a few weeks ago. I suspect I will be opening it to enjoy with some of my pretzels in my ritual. I can’t do regular milk, so almond milk will have to do. I may make something to charge up and leave out for Brigid to bless, we’ll have to see if my muse shows up to help with that.

Blessings of the season! I hope that whatever you are celebrating at this time of the year goes well!


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