January 2015 – Full Moon recap

The January Moon was a quiet one for me. My group met and we mostly had a discussion over spell work and did some brainstorming. It was good to catch up and plan out some things for the year.

My own spiritual time was a bit more witchy. I left the hubby watching something on the couch and headed off to the bedroom. I lit my candles, centered myself, and began to prepare. If you follow my Instagram feed you will have seen some of the pics I snapped after I was done.

I had decided on a simple spell to help me focus, stay true to myself, and be motivated. I put together a small 4 x 6 collage to work as a vision board for myself. Quotes to inspire me, make me smile, remind me to stay grounded and so on, were all put together. I printed it out and on the back I placed a sigil I had created out of several runes.

I then sprinkled some herbs on top of it and charged it.  I left it out to soak up the energy. Tomorrow I will gently dust the herbs off of it and then put it in a small frame. It can sit on my desk at work and work its magick in plain sight without anyone the wiser.

Magick spellwork

Herbs and my quotes all ready to be charged.

Once I was done with my spell work I did the LBRP to center myself again and then did a bit of meditating and journaling. I’ve had a few really vivid dreams lately that I will have to get in my journal. Maybe one of the mornings at work I can sit and do that.

I hope your full moon was full of magick!


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